Spelljammer Meet The Giff--Spelljammer's Space Pirate Hippos!

The Giff, a race of "gunslinging hippo-like pirates" will be appearing in Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, and D&D Beyond has a sneak preview of them.



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I imagine it's not too hard to justify why magical artillery is more prevalent. On Earth, cannons were developed to knock down castle walls. In a D&D world, there's a much more pressing need for big monster killers. And two things about big monsters are that they're harder to hit than an immobile wall, and a lot of them are resistant to non-magical weapon damage. So if the choice is between a cannon you need to enchant anyway and a straight up magical lightning or fireball flinging artillery piece, why pick the former?

I mean, yes obviously there are a few good use cases. Which is why gunpowder weapons can still exist along side more overtly magical options. But they don't instantly overtake them.
Interestingly, the Eberron book talks about how adventurer-level spells like fireball aren't ideal for military use. Battlefield items and spells generally go for large areas and much lower damage, because you're using them against 10 hp soldiers and 4hp conscripts.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
It feels like every new line is increasingly gonzo high-magic. I’m pretty sure I’m in a tiny minority who would love to see the opposite.

(Saltmarsh was good, though.)

In the real life the hippopotamus (= "river horses") kill more people than lions.

I suspect WotC/Hasbro is interested into the antropomorphic-animal PC races because these characters can be more popular among members from different lands. How to say it with the right words? If a child from London is watching Disney's The Lion King or the Book of the Jungle he forget the main characters aren't from Europe. Sorry if I can't explain it better.

Hasbro needs to show signs their IPs are different, and the "iconic" creatures and characters send the message "this is original creation, don't accept imitations".

I guess Hasbro wants to sell toys based in the giffs and other D&D creatures. The parents will buy it thinking it is the new wave after the boom of the power rangers, and the preteens believeing they are playing with a product for "young adults" or older people.

* Don't you miss the insectares, bionoids, and the Vodonis?


That advantage on strength checks would be a great addition to any race with powerful build.
It will probably become the updated version of Powerful Build for the 2024 updates, like how Astral Elves have the updated Trance and Kender have the updated version of Brave.

Because honestly, Powerful Build SHOULD be updated to provide advantage on STR checks and STR saving rolls.

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