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B/X Known World
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Holy. Balls.

Cannot wait for the chaos that is Jester to hit the screen. Oh...Molly. Long may he reign.

Here's to hoping the episodes are a bit less compact and we get a bit more breathing room to adapt more of the interplay into the cartoon.

Thanks, I'm not a big critter, so I was unaware of that!

they use german as a reference for zemnian in the show.

"From a gameplay perspective, Exandrian languages sometimes reference real-world languages but do not have direct equivalents. Zemnian, spoken by Liam O'Brien's character Caleb Widogast, uses German as a reference language, though Matthew Mercer did not consider them equivalent.[1]"

Zemnian is effectively German for reasons of Liam O’Brien wanted to play with the little bit of German he remembered from school

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