Miscellaneous D&D Collector's Guide


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Welcome to the Miscellaneous D&D Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. Other installments in the Collector's Guide series deal with individual campaign settings, or specific editions of the game. This Guide collects everything that didn't fit in elsewhere.

The Guide starts by listing those products made for the original D&D game, starting with the 3-Volume set and the handful of supplements and accessories made by TSR. It continues with licensed (or semi-licensed) material produced by Wee Warriors, Metro Detroit Games, Games Workshop, Daystar West, and Judges Guild, as well as the Minifigs line of miniatures -- the first figures ever made for D&D. The rest of the Guide is a true miscellany, and covers everything from D&D shoes to D&D soda, and from D&D tissues to D&D chairs.

Credits are due to the Acaeum for information on the early years of D&D, and particularly to the Tome of Treasures, which served as a fantastic springboard for researching the various licensed products. Both of those sites are recommended bookmarks for D&D scholars.

This was the twentieth installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

[size=-2]Collector's Guides: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, Next, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer[/size]

[h=1]Original D&D game products[/h]

[h=2]TSR products[/h]
Dungeons & Dragons 3-Volume Set (January 1974)
Supplement I: Greyhawk (February 1975)
Supplement II: Blackmoor (September 1975)
Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry (April 1976)
Supplement IV: Gods, Demigods, Heroes (July 1976)
Swords & Spells (August 1976)
Dungeon Geomorphs, Set One: Basic Dungeon (1976)
Monster and Treasure Assortment, Set One: Levels One-Three (February 1977)
Monster and Treasure Assortment, Set Two: Levels Four-Six (February 1977)
Character Record Sheets (April 1977)
Dungeon Geomorphs, Set Two: Caves & Caverns (April 1977)
Outdoor Geomorphs, Set One: Walled City (June 1977)
Dungeon Geomorphs, Set Three: Lower Dungeon (September 1977)
Monster and Treasure Assortment, Set Three: Levels Seven to Nine (May 1978)
Monster & Treasure Assortment, Sets One to Three: Levels One-Nine (May 1980)
Dungeon Geomorphs, Set One to Three: Basic Dungeon, Caves & Caverns, Lower Dungeons (April 1981)

[h=2]Premium reprints[/h]
Original Edition Premium Reprint (November 2013)

[h=2]Wee Warriors products[/h]
Character Archaic (1975)
Dungeon Master Kit 1: Palace of the Vampire Queen (1976, reprinted in 2010 and updated to AD&D in a 2012 version)
Dungeon Master Kit 2: The Dwarven Glory (1976, reprinted 2011)

[h=2]Metro Detroit Games products[/h]
Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (1976)
Quest for the Fazzlewood (1978)

[h=2]Games Workshop products[/h]
Character Sheets (1978)
Hex Sheets (1978)
Dungeon Floor Plans (1979)

[h=2]Daystar West products[/h]
Rahasia (1979)
Pharaoh (1980)

[h=2]Judges Guild D&D/Fantasy products[/h]
City State Map (August 1976)
Dungeon Tac Cards (1976)
Booklet I (1976)
City State Player Map (1976)
Six Ready Ref Charts (5) Men Attacking I-8 & (1) Monster Attacking I-7 (1976)
Six Ready Ref Charts (5) Chainmail/Man to Man Melee I-6 & (1) Monster Attacking I-7 (1976)
Six Ready Ref Charts (6) Monster Attacking I-7 (1976)
Dungeon Level Maps I 1-5 (1976)
City State Judge's Map (1976)
Thunderhold/Sunstone Cavern Map (1976)
Booklet J and Ready Ref Chart J-5 (1976)
Dungeon Level Maps J 1-4 (1976)
Guide to the City State (1977)
City State of the Invincible Overlord Playing Aid (1977)
Ready Ref Sheets Package (1977, rereleased as Ready Ref Sheets Vol 1 Second Edition 1978)
Judge's Campaign Map One (1977)
Player's Campaign Map One (1977)
Booklet K and Ready Ref Sheets (1977)
Tegel Manor and Area Judge's Map (1977)
Tegel Manor and Area Player's Map (1977)
Booklet L and Character Checklist (1977)
Tegel Manor Playing Aid (1977)
Judges Shield (1977)
Characters Checklist (1977)
Judges Tegel Manor Map (1977)
City of Modron Maps (1977)
Booklet M (1977)
Modron Play Aid (1977, reprinted 1980)
Monstrous Statistics Compendium Sheet (1977)
Character Chronicle Cards (1977)
The First Fantasy Campaign (1977)
Judge's First Fantasy Campaign Map (1977)
Player's First Fantasy Campaign Map (1977)
Judges Campaign Map Barbarian Altanis/Valley of Ancients (1977)
Players Campaign Map Barbarian Altanis/Valley of Ancients (1977)
Wilderlands Hex Sheets (1977)
Campaign Hexagon System (1977)
Wilderlands of High Fantasy (1977)
Judges Campaign Map Tarantis/Valon (1977)
Players Campaign Map Tarantis/Valon (1977)
Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (1978)
GenCon IX Dungeon (reprint of 1976 Gencon adventure, 1978)
Village Book I (1978)
Castle Book I (1978)
Island Book I (1978)
Revised City State of the Invincible Overlord (1978, reprinted 1999)
Citadel of Fire (1978)
Sea Steeds and Wave Riders (1978)
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde (1978)
Judges Campaign Map Desert Lands/Sea of Five Winds (1978)
Players Campaign Map Desert Lands/Sea of Five Winds (1978)
Judges Campaign Map Elphard Lands/Lenap (1978)
Players Campaign Map Elphard Lands/Lenap (1978)
War Cry and Battle Lust (1978)
Flotilla One (1978)
Frontier Forts of Kelnore (1978)
Dragon Crown (1979)
Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green (reprint of 1977 Gencon adventure, 1979)
Character Codex (1979)
Dark Tower (1979)
Wilderlands of the Magic Realm (1979)
Under the Storm Giant's Castle (1979)
Survival of the Fittest (1979)
Treasury of Archaic Names (1979)
The Caverns of Thracia (1979)
Village Book 2 (1979)
Verbosh (1979)
Operation Ogre (1979)
The Mines of Custalcon (1979)
The Book of Treasure Maps (1979)
The Maltese Clue (1979)
Temple of Ra Accursed by Set (1979)
Judges Campaign Map Ghinor/Ament Tundra (1979)
Players Campaign Map Ghinor/Ament Tundra (1979)
Judges Campaign Map Isle of the Blest/Ebony Coast (1979)
Players Campaign Map Isle of the Blest/Ebony Coast (1979)
Tower of Ulission (1979)
Sword of Hope (1980)
Escape from Astigar's Lair (1980)
Castle Book II (1980)
City State of the World Emperor Playing Aid (1980)
City State of the World Emperor City Map (1980)
Judges Campaign Map 6 - for City State of the World Emperor (1980)
Players Campaign Map 6 - for City State of the World Emperor (1980)
City State of the World Emperor Book I - Guidebook Map 6 (1980)
City State of the World Emperor Book II - Shops (1980)
City State of the World Emperor Book III - City (1980)
The Treasure Vaults of Lindoran (1980)
Inferno (1980)
The Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book (1980)
Portals of Torsh (1980)
Spies of Lightelf (1980)
Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches (1980)
The Book of Treasure Maps II (1980)
The Unknown Gods (1980)
Temple Book I (1980)
Judges Campaign Map Isle of the Dawn/Southern Reaches (1980)
Players Campaign Map Isle of the Dawn/Southern Reaches (1980)
Judges Campaign Map Silver Skein Isles/Ghinor Highlands (1980)
Players Campaign Map Silver Skein Isles/Ghinor Highlands (1980)
The Book of Ruins (1981)
Ravenscrag (1981)
Field Guide to Encounters (1981)
Portals of Irontooth (1981)
Lara' Tower (1981)
Dragon's Hall (1981)
Trial by Fire (1981)
Zienteck (1981)
House on Hangman's Hill (1981)
The Tower of Indomitable Circumstance (1981)
Masters of Mind (1981)
Restormel (1981)
Port O' Call: Tarlkin's Landing (1981)
The Illhedrin Book (1981)
Portals of Twilight (1981)
F'dech Fo's Tomb (1981)
Glory Hole Dwarven Mine (1981)
Fantastic Personalities (1981)
Heroic Expeditions (1981)
Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State (1981)
Prey of Darkness (1982)
Corsairs of Tallibar (1982)
Wondrous Relics (1982)
The Book of Treasure Maps III (1982)
Shield Maidens of Sea Rune (1982)
Pirates of Hagrost (1982)
Wondrous Weapons (1982)
Witches Court Marshes (1982)
Caves and Caverns (1982)
Druids of Doom (1982)
Demons of Dundurn (1982)
In Search of Kelandor's Gold (1982)
Tarantis (1983)
Tegel Manor Revised (1989)
Treasury of Archaic Names (revised version, March 2001)
Dark Tower (3.0 d20 version, May 2001)
Caverns of Thracia (d20 version, 2004)
City State of the Invincible Overlord (d20 version, 2004)
Wilderlands of High Fantasy (d20 version, 2005)
Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (d20 version, 2007)
Citadel of Fire (d20 version, 2007)
Dark Tower (3.5 d20 version, 2007)
Lost Man's Trail (2010)

[h=2]Judges Guild periodicals[/h]
Dungeoneer 1 (June 1976)
Dungeoneer 2 (September 1976)
Journal I (October 1976)
Journal J (December 1976)
Dungeoneer 3 (December 1976)
Journal K (February 1977)
Dungeoneer 4 (March 1977)
Journal L (April 1977)
Journal M (June 1977)
Dungeoneer 5 (June 1977)
Journal N (August 1977)
Journal O (October 1977)
Dungeoneer 6 (October 1977)
Journal P (December 1977)
Journal Q (February 1978)
Dungeoneer 7 (March 1978)
Journal R (April 1978)
Dungeoneer 8 (May 1978)
Journal S (June 1978)
Journal T (August 1978)
Journal U (December 1978)
Dungeoneer Compendium of Issues 1-6 (1979)
Dungeoneer 9 (January 1979)
Journal V (February 1979)
Dungeoneer 10 (March 1979)
Journal W (April 1979)
Dungeoneer 11 (May 1979)
Journal X (June 1979)
Dungeoneer 12 (July 1979)
Journal Y (August 1979)
Dungeoneer 13 (September 1979)
Journal Z (October 1979)
Dungeoneer 14 (November 1979)
Journal 18 (December 1979)
Dungeoneer 15 (January 1980)
Journal 19 (February 1980)
Dungeoneer 16 (March 1980)
Journal 20 (April 1980)
Dungeoneer 17 (May 1980)
Journal 21 (June 1980)
Dungeoneer 18 (July 1980)
Dungeoneer 19/Journal 22 (August 1980)
The Dungeoneers Journal 23 (October 1980)
The Dungeoneers Journal 24 (December 1980)
The Dungeoneers Journal 25 (February 1981)
Pegasus 1 (April 1981)
Pegasus 2 (June 1981)
Pegasus 3 (August 1981)
Pegasus 4 (October 1981)
Pegasus 5 (December 1981)
Pegasus 6 (February 1982)
Pegasus 7 (April 1982)
Pegasus 8 (June 1982)
Pegasus 9 (August 1982)
Pegasus 10 (October 1982)
Pegasus 11 (December 1982)
Pegasus 12 (February 1983)
Pegasus 13 (unpublished)
Pegasus 14 (August 1999)
Pegasus 15 (2004)

[h=2]Minifigs miniatures[/h]
Chainmail: Rules for Medieval Miniatures (1971)
DD1 Demogorgon
DD2 Type II Demon
DD3 Type III Demon
DD4 Type IV Demon
DD5 Type VI Demon
DD6 Type V Demon
DD7 Orcus, Prince of Demons
DD8 Succubus
DWF1 Dwarf with Ox-Tongued Partizan
DWF2 Dwarf swinging One-Handed Pick
DWF3 Dwarf firing Light Crossbow
DWF4 Dwarf with Handaxe
DWF5 Dwarf swinging Two-Handed Axe
DWF6 Dwarf with Spear
DWF7 Dwarf with Flanged Mace
DWF8 Dwarf swinging Military Pick
DWF9 Dwarf firing Heavy Crossbow
DWF10 Dwarf with Two-Handed Axe
DWF11 Dwarf King holding Rod
DWF12 Dwarf blowing Warhorn
DWF13 Dwarf Noble with 2-Headed Mattock
DWF14 Dwarf Guard with Bec-de-Corbin
ELF1 High Elf with Long Spear
ELF2 High Elf thrusting with Long Spear
ELF3 High Elf firing Bow
ELF4 High Elf attacking with Sword
ELF5 High Elf with Two-Handed Sword
ELF6 Wood Elf advancing with Bow
ELF7 Wood Elf firing Bow
ELF8 Wood Elf attacking with Sword
ELF9 Wood Elf with Short Sword
ELF10 Wood Elf with Short Spear
ELF11 High Elf King
ELF12 Wood Elf King
ELF13 High Elf Noble
ELF14 High Elf Guardsman
GNL1 Gnoll Chieftain with Broadaxe
GNL2 Gnoll Guard with Two-Handed Sword
GNL3 Gnoll with Glaive-Fauchard
GNL4 Gnoll firing Bow
GNL5 Gnoll with Bill-Guisarme
GNL6 Gnoll with Morning Star
GNL7 Gnoll with Guisarme-Voulge
GNL8 Gnoll with Sword and Broadaxe
GNM1 Two Gnomes with Swords
GNM2 Two Gnomes firing Bows
GNM3 Two Gnomes with Slings and Targets
GNM4 Two Gnomes with Spears
GNM5 Two Gnomes with Clubs
GOB1 Goblin whirling Sling
GOB2 Goblin with Voulge-Type Spear
GOB3 Goblin with Short Spear
GOB4 Goblin swinging Morning Star
GOB5 Goblin with Military Pick
HOB1 Two Hobbits with Slings
HOB2 Two Hobbits with Bows
HOB3 Two Hobbits with Swords
HOB4 Two Hobbits with Spears
HOB5 Two Hobbits with Hand-Axes
HBG1 Hobgoblin Sergeant with Military Fork
HBG2 Hobgoblin with Partizan
HBG3 Hobgoblin with Spetum
HBG4 Hobgoblin with Glaive Guisarme
HBG5 Hobgoblin with Spiked-Tipped Guisarme
HBG6 Hobgoblin hurling Spear
HBG7 Hobgoblin firing Horn Bow
HBG8 Hobgoblin with Barbed Whip
HBG9 Hobgoblin with Scimitar
HBG10 Hobgoblin with Spiked Mace
HBG11 Hobgoblin marching with Banner
HBG12 Hobgoblin Chieftain with Mace
HBG13 Sub-Chief with Kris-Bladed Sword
HBG14 Hobgoblin Guardsman with Bardische
KL1 Two Kobolds with Short Javelins
KL2 Two Kobolds with Spiked Maces
KL3 Two Kobolds with Axes
KL4 Two Kobolds with Swords
KL5 Two Kobolds with Glaive Headed Spears
ORC1 Orc with Guisarme
ORC2 Orc with Fauchard
ORC3 Orc with Kris-Bladed Spear
ORC4 Orc with Halberd
ORC5 Orc with Serrated Crescent
ORC6 Orc hurling Spear
ORC7 Orc firing Bow
ORC8 Orc with Crossbow
ORC9 Orc with Tulwar
ORC10 Orc with Piercing Axe
ORC11 Orc Chieftain with Spiked Flail
ORC12 Orc Sub-Chief with Piercing Axe
ORC13 Orc Sub-Chief with Broad-Bladed Axe
ORC14 Orc Standard Bearer
OGR1 Ogre Chieftain with Axe
OGR2 Ogre with Spear & Stone Axe
OGR3 Ogre with Glaive-Headed Spear
OGR4 Ogre with Morning Star & Spiked Club
OGM1 Ogre Magi with Katana
OGM2 Ogre Magi with Ceremonial Naginata
OGM3 Ogre Magi with Sabre-Headed Naginata
OGM4 Ogre Magi with Cross-Guarded Spear
TRL1 Troll Attacking
TRL2 Troll Advancing

Not all of these books are D&D products, but for completeness, the full series are listed here.

[h=2]Endless Quest books[/h]
1: Dungeon of Dread (June 1982)
2: Mountain of Mirrors (June 1982)
3: Pillars of Pentegarn (June 1982)
4: Return to Brookmere (June 1982)
5: Revolt of the Dwarves (January 1983)
6: Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons (January 1983)
7: Hero of Washington Square (May 1983)
8: Villains of Volturnus (May 1983)
9: Robbers and Robots (July 1983)
10: Circus of Fear (July 1983)
11: Spell of the Winter Wizard (August 1983)
12: Light on Quests Mountain (August 1983)
13: Dragon of Doom (November 1983)
14: Raid on Nightmare Castle (November 1983)
15: Under Dragon's Wing (February 1984)
16: The Dragon's Ransom (February 1984)
17: Captive Planet (July 1984)
18: King's Quest (July 1984)
19: Conan the Undanted (June 1984)
20: Conan and the Prophecy (June 1984)
21: Duel of the Masters (September 1984)
22: The Endless Catacombs (September 1984)
23: Blade of the Young Samurai (November 1984)
24: Trouble on Artule (November 1984)
25: Conan the Outlaw (December 1984)
26: Tarzan and the Well of Slaves (January 1985)
27: Lair of the Lich (May 1985)
28: Mystery of the Ancients (May 1985)
29: Tower of Darkness (July 1985)
30: The Fireseed (October 1985)
31: Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds (December 1985)
32: Prisoner of Elderwood (February 1986)
33: Knight of Illusion (June 1986)
34: Claw of the Dragon (September 1986)
35: Vision of Doom (December 1986)
36: Song of the Dark Druid (March 1987)
Endless Quest Collector's Set 1
Endless Quest Collector's Set 2
Endless Quest Collector's Set 3
Endless Quest Collector's Set 4
Dungeon of Fear (March 1994)
Castle of the Undead (March 1994)
Secret of the Djinn (May 1994)
Siege of the Tower (July 1994)
A Wild Ride (September 1994)
Forest of Darkness (November 1994)
American Knights (January 1995)
Night of the Tiger (March 1995)
Galactic Challenge (July 1995)
Bigby's Curse (September 1995)
The 24-Hour War (November 1995)
Claw of the Dragon (revised version, January 2008)
Search for the Pegasus (revised version, July 2008)

[h=2]Crimson Crystal gamebooks[/h]
1: Riddle of the Griffon (March 1985)
2: Search for the Pegasus (March 1985)
3: Renegades of Luntar (June 1985)
4: Stop That Witch! (September 1985)

[h=2]Fantasy Forest gamebooks[/h]
1: The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn (October 1983)
2: Ruins of Rangar (October 1983)
3: Shadowcastle (October 1983)
4: Keep of the Ancient King (October 1983)
5: Dungeon of Darkness (January 1984)
6: Star Rangers and the Spy (January 1984)
7: Castle in the Clouds (July 1984)
8: Star Rangers Meet the Solar Robot (July 1984)
9: Jason's First Quest (October 1984)
10: The Lost Wizard (October 1984)

[h=2]Heart Quest gamebooks[/h]
1: Ring of the Ruby Dragon (1983)
2: Talisman of Valdegarde (1983)
3: Secret Sorceress (1983)
4: Isle of Illusion (1983)
5: Moon Dragon Summer (1984)
6: Lady of the Winds (1984)

[h=2]1 on 1 Adventure gamebooks[/h]
Castle Arcania (April 1985)
Battle for the Ancient Robot (June 1985)
Revenge of the Red Dragon (September 1985)
Challenge of the Druid's Grove (November 1985)
Dragonsword of Lankhmar (February 1986)
The Amber Sword of World's End (May 1086)
Warlords (December 1986)
The Doomsday Device: Fantastic Four vs Doctor Doom (December 1986)
Daredevil vs Kingpin: The King Takes a Dare (June 1987)
Dragonwand of Krynn: Lord Patrick vs Lord Ariakan (July 1987)

[h=2]Catacombs Solo Quest gamebooks[/h]
Faerie Mound of Dragonkind (April 1987)
Gnomes - 100, Dragons - 0 (November 1987)
The Final Bug (December 1988)
Knight of the Living Dead (June 1989)

[h=2]D&D cartoon show gamebooks[/h]
1: Tower of Midnight Dreams (February 1985)
2: Backward Magic (February 1985)
3: The Witch's Spell Book (March 1985)
4: The Maze and the Magic Dragon (March 1985)
5: The King Who Wore No Crown (May 1985)
6: The Star Snatchers (May 1985)

[h=1]Miscellaneous novels and fiction[/h]

[h=2]Coffee table books[/h]
The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (hardcover August 1994, softcover July 1995)
30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (October 2004)
Dragons: Worlds Afire (Hardcover June 2006, paperback July 2008)

[h=2]D&D cartoon show books[/h]
D&D Annual 1986 (1986)
D&D Annual 1987 (1987)
Marvel Summer Special: Prison Without Walls (1987)

[h=2]Knights of the Silver Dragon novels[/h]
1: Secret of the Spiritkeeper (June 2004)
2: Riddle in Stone(August 2004)
3: Sign of the Shapeshifter (October 2004)
4: Eye of Fortune (December 2004)
5: Figure in the Frost (February 2005)
6: Dagger of Doom (April 2005)
7: The Hidden Dragon (June 2005)
8: The Silver Spell (August 2005)
9: Key to the Griffon's Lair (October 2005)
10: Curse of the Lost Grove (December 2005)
11: Mystery of the Wizard's Tomb (February 2006)
12: Mark of the Yuan-Ti (April 2006)
13: Realm of the Rakshasas (October 2006?)
14: Room of the Eyes (unpublished?)
Revelations 1: Prophecy of the Dragons (June 2006)
Revelations 2: The Dragons Revealed (August 2006)

[h=2]Mirrorstone books[/h]
Sucks to Be Me (hardcover August 2008, paperback August 2009)
Monster Slayers (May 2010)
Nocturne (June 2010)
Still Sucks to Be Me (hardcover August 2010, paperback July 2011)
Aldwyn's Academy (September 2010)
How to Trap A Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-On Activities for Monster Hunters (September 2010)
The Faerie Locket (March 2011)
Monster Slayers: Unleashed (June 2011)

[h=2]Paperback books[/h]
Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress (September 2007)
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons & Dragons (September 2011)

[h=2]Practical Guide series[/h]
A Practical Guide to Dragons (September 2006)
A Practical Guide to Monsters (August 2007)
A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding (August 2008)
A Practical Guide to Wizardry (August 2008)
A Practical Guide to Dragons Collector's Set (September 2008)
A Practical Guide to Faeries (January 2009)
A Practical Guide to Vampires (August 2009)
A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic (September 2010)

[h=1]General miscellany[/h]

Hex Sheets (large hex and small hex)
Hex Pad (later retitled Hex Book, 1979)
Hexagonal Mapping Booklet (1981)
D&D Quadrille Graph Paper (1982)

[h=2]Action figures[/h]
Toybiz action figures

[h=2]Art portfolio[/h]
A Portfolio: The Artists of TSR (November 1982)

[h=2]Board games[/h]
Dungeon! Game of Fantastic Adventure (1975)
Dungeon! Fantasy Boardgame (January 1981)
Fantasy Forest Game: A Child's First Adventure (May 1981; rereleased with play figures, 1990)
Quest for the Dungeonmaster (May 1984)
TSR Chess Set (1984)
The New Dungeon! (June 1989)
The New Dungeon! Miniatures and Game Supplement (1989)
Dragon Quest Game (1992)
Danbury Mint Official Dungeons & Dragons Chess Set (1996)
Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game: Diablo II Edition (May 2000)
D&D Clue (2001)
D&D: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game (2003)
D&D: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game Expansion: Eternal Winter (2004)
D&D: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game Expansion: Forbidden Forest (2004)
D&D Chess Set (October 2006)
Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark (January 2010)
Heroscape Small Expansion Set: Champions of the Forgotten Realms (March 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Board Game (August 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Board Game Gray Hag promo card (August 2010)
Heroscape Small Expansion Set: Warriors of Eberron (August 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Bonus Adventures (August 2010)
Heroscape Small Expansion Set: Moltenclaw's Invasion (November 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Winning Scenarios (January 2011)
Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game (February 2011)
Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game Kobold Champion promo card (February 2011)
Wrath of Ashardalon Bonus Adventures (April 2011)
Conquest of Nerath Board Game (June 2011)
Design & Development: Conquest of Nerath (web article, June 2011)
Conquest of Nerath Board Game Sword of Kas promo card (July 2011)
The Legend of Drizzt Board Game (October 2011)
The Legend of Drizzt Board Game Vierna Do'Urden promo card (October 2011)
Lords of Waterdeep Board Game Inevitable Betrayal promo card (January 2012)
Rulebook: Lords of Waterdeep (PDF download, February 2012)
Lords of Waterdeep (March 2012)
Dungeon! (October 2012)
Dungeon! Rulebook (PDF download, October 2012)
Dungeon! Variant Rules (Web article, October 2012)
Dungeon! An Interview with David R. Megarry (Web article, October 2012)
Dungeon! with Kids: How to Grow a Little D&D Gamer of Your Own (Web article, November 2012)
D&D Clue (April 2013)
Excerpts: Skullport (Web article, July 2013)
Excerpts: Rulebook (Web article and PDF download, July 2013)
Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport (August 2013)

Days of The Dragon Calendar 1979 (1979)
Days of The Dragon 1980 Calendar (1980)
Days of the Dragon Calendar 1981 (1980)
Days of the Dragon: 1982 Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Art Calendar (1981)
D&D Realms of Wonder Calendar 1983 (1982)
Realms of Wonder: Dungeons & Dragons 1984 Fantasy Art Calendar (1983)
1985 Dragonlance Calendar (June 1984)
1987 Dragonlance Calendar (June 1986)
AD&D Dragonlance Calendar 1988 (June 1987)
AD&D Forgotten Realms 1989 Calendar (May 1988)
Forgotten Realms 1990 Calendar (May 1989)
Dragonlance Saga 1991 Calendar (June 1990)
Dragonlance 1992 Calendar (May 1991)
Dragonlance and Other Worlds 1993 Calendar (June 1992)
Dragonlance Saga 1994 Calendar (June 1993)
Women of Fantasy 1994 Calendar (1993)
Dragonlance Saga and Other Worlds Calendar 1995 (May 1994)
Dragon 1995 Calendar (1994)
Dragonlance Saga and Other Worlds 1996 Calendar (August 1995)
1997 Dragons Calendar (August 1996)
1999 Dragonlance Calendar (May 1998)
D&D 2005 Wall Calendar Monster Calendar (September 2004)
D&D 2006 Wall Calendar (2005)
D&D 2007 Wall Calendar (November 2006)
D&D 2009 Wall Calendar (2008)
D&D 2010 Wall Calendar (August 2009)
D&D Special Edition 2011 Wall Calendar (August 2010)
D&D Encounters Exclusive 2011 calendar (January 2011)

[h=2]Card and dice games[/h]
Three-Dragon Ante (November 2005; Japanese version March 2008)
Inn Fighting: D&D Dice Game (October 2007; Japanese version February 2008)
Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor's Gambit (April 2010)
Inn Fighting Tavern Brawler Promo (Pax, 2012)

[h=2]Clothes and apparel[/h]
Pewter belt buckles (Dragon, Lady of Pain)
Belt buckles
Dungeon Skinz Caps (Bakali Lizardman, Werewolf, Minotaur, Beholder, Troll, Red Dragon, Hobgoblin; 1995)
D&D Classic Ampersand Bag (2009)
D&D Classic Ampersand Shoes (2009)
D&D Classic Ampersand T-Shirt (2009)
D&D Goblin Stompers Shoes (2009)
D&D Goblin Stompers T-Shirt (2009)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: 99 Problemos (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Acererak (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Agro Beholder (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Ankheg VS Troll (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Awesome Knight (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Behold Prop (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Behold (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Choose Your Weapon (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Dice Chakras (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Dice of Thrones (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Displacer Kitty (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Drizzt DoUrden (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Education (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Epic Kill (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Flying Dragon (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Gelatinous Cube VS Green Slime (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Hate the Flayer (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Heroes (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: How I Roll (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Knight Tacos (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Little Dragon Skull (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Mind Flayer (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Mindflayer Thought Slayer (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Origins Dragons Cover (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Parchment Dragon (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Pixel Dungeons (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Pretend (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Rampaging Drow (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Retro Character (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Shady Dragon Inn (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Skulltulas (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Suck It Trolls (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Time To Roll (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Troll Hate (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Troll Hunter (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Vintage Ampersand (2011)
Mighty Fine T-Shirts: Wizard Infinite Nachos (2011)
Red Monkey Designs: Messenger bags ("Lolth", Black Dragon, Minotaur; 2011)
Red Monkey Designs: Wrist Cuff (Attack Zero, Attack One, Attack Two, Attack Three, Attack Four, Attack Five, Attack Six; 2011)
Red Monkey Designs: Leather Dice Pouch (Black, Brown Suede; 2011)
Red Monkey Designs: Bug Stack Buckle (Bug Stack, Silver Dragon, Vintage D&D, Black Vintage D&D, Steel Dragon; 2011)
Red Monkey Designs: Wallet (Dwarf Hero, Wolf Pack; 2011)
Zazzle D&D customizable clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts; 2011)
Araca Group: Ampersand Fire t-shirt (men's and women's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Ampersand dice t-shirt (men's and women's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Dragon t-shirt (women's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Dwarven Ale t-shirt (men's and women's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Minotaur t-shirt (men's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Retro Box t-shirt (men's and women's; October 2012)
Araca Group: Another Drink t-shirt (men's and women's; November 2012)
Araca Group: Classic Monsters t-shirt (men's; November 2012)
Araca Group: Dungeon Master Guide t-shirt (men's and women's; November 2012)
Araca Group: Red Dragon Cover t-shirt (men's; November 2012)
Araca Group: This is How I Roll t-shirt (men's and women's; November 2012)
Araca Group: Yawning Portal t-shirt (men's and women's; November 2012)

Dragon Dice (1981, repackaged 1985?)
Dragon Dice Percentage Generators (1981, repackaged 1985?)
Official AD&D Role Playing Dice (1986)
AD&D Adventure Gaming Dice Set (March 1988)
AD&D Character Generation Dice (1997)
AD&D Adventure Dice Set (September 1998)
d20 System Dice (2001)
D&D Dice: 30th Anniversary (May 2004)
D&D Deluxe Dice (March 2007)
D&D Premium Dice (July 2008)
Roleplaying Game Dice Set (August 2010)

[h=2]Dragon Dice[/h]
These aren't really D&D products. D&D collectors feel free to ignore this section!

Dragon Dice Expandable Dice Game (August 1995)
Kicker Pack 1: Monsters & Amazons (August 1995)
Battle Ground (Amazon, Coral Elf, Dwarf, Goblin and Lava Elf Mats; December 1995)
Dragon Shield (December 1995)
Kicker Pack 2: Firewalkers (March 1996)
Kicker Pack 3: Undead (May 1996)
Kicker Pack 4: The Feral (July 1996)
Expansion Set: Magestorm! (August 1996)
Book 1: Cast of Fate (August 1996)
Kicker Pack 5: Swamp Stalkers (November 1996)
Battle Box (December 1996)
Book 2: Army of the Dead (January 1997)
The Dice Commander's Manual (August 1997)
Kicker Pack 6: Frostwings (September 1997)
Kicker Pack 7: Scalders (December 1997)
Kicker Pack 8: Treefolk (April 1998)
Dragon Dice 2-Player Starter Set: Coral Elf & Lava Elf (February 2007)
Dragon Dice 2-Player Starter Set: Dwarf & Goblin (February 2007)
Dragon Dice 2-Player Starter Set: Amazon & Swamp Stalker (February 2007)
Dragon Dice 2-Player Starter Set: Undead & Feral (June 2007)
Kicker Pack 9: Acolytes of Eldarim (August 2009)
Eladrim Expansion: Dragonkin (October 2009)
Battlefields (August 2010)
Eladrim Expansion: Dragonslayer/Dragonhunters (May 2011)
Eladrim Expansion: Dragonlord/Dragonmasters (May 2011)
Eladrim Expansion: Dragoncrusader/Dragonzealot (August 2011)

[h=2]Dragon Strike[/h]
Dragon Strike game (June 1993)
The Elf's Tale (October 1993)
The Thief's Tale (October 1993)
The Warrior's Tale (October 1993)
The Wizard's Tale (October 1993)
Dragon Strike comic 1 (February 1994)

[h=2]Dungeon Command[/h]
Dungeon Command Rule Book (PDF download, May 2012)
Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth (July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth Drow Wizard promo (miniature and card; Game Day, July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth Secret Passage promo (order card; Game Day, July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth Drow Assassin promo (miniature and card; Gencon, August 2012)
Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr (July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr Into the Fray promo (order card; Game Day, July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Sequence of Play card promo (Game Day, July 2012)
Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins (September 2012)
Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins Mirror Image promo (order card; September 2012)
Dungeon Command Strategy (web article; November 2012)
Dungeon Command: Curse of Undeath (November 2012)
Dungeon Command: Curse of Undead Magic Short Sword promo (order card; November 2012)
Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh (February 2013)
Dungeon Command Strategy (web article; April 2013)

[h=2]Electronic games[/h]
D&D Computer Labyrinth Game (1980)
D&D Computer Fantasy Game (1982)
D&D Pinball Machine (October 1987)

[h=2]Fast-Play rules[/h]
Fast-Play Game (1998)
Wrath of the Minotaur (January 1999)
Eye of the Wyvern (February 1999)
Crypt of the Smoke Dragon (1999)
Fast-Play Game: Diablo II Edition (1999)
Caves of Shadow (August 2000)
Dungeons and Dragons The Movie: Fast-Play Game (PDF release, 2000)

[h=2]Jigsaw puzzles[/h]
Dracolich (1983)
Dungeon of Dread (1983)
Mountain of Mirrors (1983)
Return to Brookmere (1983)
The Charge (1983)
D&D Jigsaw Puzzle (1984)
Wizard's Revenge (1984)
00841: Waddingtons Puzzle (1984)
00842: Waddingtons Puzzle (1984)
Waddingtons Puzzle (100 pieces)
The Art of TSR: Battle of Sorrow's Field (1995)
The Art of TSR: Book of Lairs (1995)
The Art of TSR: Dragon Attack (1995)
The Art of TSR: Dragons of Krynn (1995)
The Art of TSR: Dragons of Summer Flame (1995)
The Art of TSR: Kingdom of Adventure (1995)
The Art of TSR: The Dargonesti (1995)
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle (Dragonlance Legends) (1995)
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle (Raid on Nightmare Castle) (1995)
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle (The Epic Quest) (1995)
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle (Worlds of TSR) (1995)
The Art of TSR Fantasy Art Puzzle (Worlds of TSR 2) (1995)
Menzoberranzan 3D puzzle (1995)
Dragons of Deceit (1000 piece) (2003)
What Do You Mean, We're Lost? (1000 piece) (2003)

10-509: The New Dungeon Miniatures and Game Supplement
10-513: Dragon Strike

[h=2]Movies and TV series[/h]
Cartoon series poster
In Search of the Dungeon Master (1991)
The Night of No Tomorrow (1991)
This Time Lost (1993)
The Making of Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie (January 2000)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie: Fast-Play Game (PDF release, 2000)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie (Novelisation, December 2000)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie Art Book (January 2001)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie (DVD release, May 2001)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie (Young Adult Novelisation, May 2001)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Series Four Disc Set (October 2004)
Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (DVD release, February 2006)
The Beginning (2006?)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series (December 2006)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series: Beginnings (August 2009)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series: The Complete Series (August 2009)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series: Into the Magical Realm (September 2010)
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight DVD (January 2008)
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Soundtrack (May 2008)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness (August 2012)

Paint-A-Figurine: Strongheart
Paint-A-Figurine: Warduke

[h=2]Needlework kits[/h]
Dungeon Treasure (1983)
Dragon Power (1983)
Quiet! Dungeon Zone (1983)

[h=2]Odds and ends[/h]
D&D matchbook (1976)
D&D squeaky toy (1982)
D&D action playset (1982)
D&D Colorforms Adventure Set (1983)
D&D Fantasy Candy Figures (1983)
D&D Lazer Blazers 3-D Holographic Stickers (1983)
D&D Lite-Brite Picture Refill (1983)
D&D Paint by Number Adventure Set (1983?)
D&D Paint Master Warduke Sculpture (1983?)
D&D Pencil by Number Adventure Set (1983)
D&D Puzzleforms (1983)
D&D Shrinky Dinks Collector Set (1983)
D&D 3D Puzzle (1984)
D&D Just Imagine Play Kit (1984)
D&D Big Wheel cycle (1984)
D&D film strip and disk program (1984)
D&D punch ball (1984)
D&D sleeping bag (1984)
D&D Sticker Book (1985)
D&D jelly candy (1985)
D&D crayons & cardboard figures (1985)
D&D bubblegum with 3D glasses (1985)
D&D plastic cube puzzle (1985)
D&D vending machine stickers (1985?)
D&D Hologram cards (1986)
D&D dominoes (1987)
D&D Sticker Book (1987)
TSR Dungeons & Dragons Milkcap Game (1994)
Dragon/Dungeon mousepad (c. 1995)
Fighting Dragon Pewter Box (1996)
D&D backpack (February 2009)
D&D open/closed sign (2009)
D&D Limited Edition Spellcasting Soda (May 2010)
Yawning Portal coaster (2010)
Incipio D&D iPhone Cases (2011)
Zazzle D&D postcards, greetings cards and stamps (2011)
Zazzle D&D iPhone, iPad and iPod covers (2011)
Zazzle D&D binders (2011)
D&D folding chair (2012)

[h=2]Party supplies[/h]
D&D Blowouts (1983)
D&D Cake Decorations (1983)
D&D Facial Tissue Napkins (10 inch) (1983)
D&D Facial Tissue Napkins (13 inch) (1983)
D&D Hot or Cold Drink Cups (1983)
D&D Invitations (1983)
D&D Party Bags (1983)
D&D Party Hats (1983)
D&D Plates (7 inch) (1983)
D&D Plates (9 inch) (1983)
D&D Table Cover (1983)

[h=2]Playing aids[/h]
D&D Binder (Player's Handbook cover) (1981)
D&D Binder (water beast) (1981)
D&D Playing Aids Binder Binder (dragon master) (1981)
D&D Playing Aids Binder Binder (dragon melee) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (goblin ambush) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (dragon cliff) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (dragon melee) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (water beast) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (ambush bend) (1981)
D&D Portfolio (mage attack) (1981)
D&D Subject Book (ambush bend) (1981)
D&D Subject Book (dragon cliff) (1981)
D&D Subject Book (mage attack) (1981)
D&D Playing Aids Portfolio (dragon master) (1982)

[h=2]Promotional fliers[/h]
Understanding D&D (1979)
Your Personal Invitation to Adventure (1980)
Twenty Years of TSR (1993)

D&D Book and Recording: Attack of the Assassins (1984)
D&D Book and Recording: Black Dragon Bog (1984)
D&D Book and Recording: Quest of the Riddles (cassette) (1984)
D&D Book and Recording: Quest of the Riddles (record) (1984)
D&D Long Playing Recording: Quest for the Cursed Bone (1984)

[h=2]Sliding puzzles[/h]
D&D Sliding Puzzle Super Brain Teaser: Barbarian (blue) (1983)
D&D Sliding Puzzle Super Brain Teaser: Barbarian (green) (1983)
D&D Sliding Puzzle Super Brain Teaser: Charging Knight (1983)
D&D Sliding Puzzle Super Brain Teaser: Dragon (1983)

First Quest: The Music (record album and cassette tape, 1985)
D&D Official Roleplaying Soundtrack (August 2003)

[h=2]Spellfire: Master the Magic[/h]
1st Edition Starter Deck (June 1994)
Ravenloft Booster Pack, Set 2 (August 1994)
2nd Edition Starter Deck (August 1994)
Dragonlance Booster Pack, Set 3 (September 1994)
Forgotten Realms Booster Pack, Set 4 (November 1994)
Artifacts Booster Pack, Set 5 (May 1995)
Spellfire Reference Guide, Volume 1 (June 1995)
Powers Booster Pack, Set 6 (September 1995)
3rd Edition Starter Deck (October 1995)
The Underdark Booster Pack, Set 7 (December 1995)
Runes & Ruins Booster Pack, Set 8 (February 1996)
Birthright Booster Pack, Set 9 (May 1996)
Draconomicon Booster Pack, Set 10 (July 1996)
4th Edition Starter Deck (July 1996)
Nightstalkers Booster Pack, Set 11 (September 1996)
Spellfire Reference Guide, Volume 2 (December 1996)
Dungeons! Booster Pack, Set 12 (October 1997)
Inquisition Online Booster (2001)
Millennium Online Booster (2002)
Chaos Online Booster (June 2003)
Conquest Online booster (August 2004)

[h=2]Stained glass designs[/h]
Dragon Attack
The Red Dragon of Krynn
Fifth Age

[h=2]Telephone cards[/h]
The Fifth Age (June 1998)
Council of Wyrms (June 1998)
Book of Lairs (June 1998)
Dragons of Winter Night (June 1998)
Nehwon (June 1998)
Dargonesti (June 1998)
BT Phonecard Collector's Pack: TSR Dungeons & Dragons (1998)

[h=2]Video games[/h]
Games set in the various D&D campaign worlds are listed in the Collector's Guides for those settings. This list includes only those games not listed elsewhere.

Dungeon! Board Game (1982)
Slayer (1995)
Deathkeep (1995)
Dragon Dice (December 1997)
Scourge of Worlds (June 2003; Special Collector's Edition, February 2005)
D&D Heroes (September 2003)
Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics (February 2007)

[h=2]View Master[/h]
D&D "Castle Venger" View-Master 3-D Gift Set (1983)
3 Reels View-Master set 1 (1983)
3 Reels View-Master set 2 (1983)

Many individual issues of these magazines and newsletters are listed in other Collector's Guides, but the complete print run of each is listed here for reference.

The Strategic Review 1-7 (February 1975 - April 1976)
(The) Dragon Magazine 1-359, Annuals 1-5 and d20 Special (June 1976 - September 2007)
White Dwarf 1-93 (No D&D content after issue 93, June 1977 - September 1987)
Polyhedron 1-148 (July 1981 - October 2001)
Imagine 1-30 and Special Edition 1 (April 1983 - September 1985)
Dungeon Magazine 1-150 (September 1986 - September 2007)
UK Dragon 129-238 and Annual 1 (January 1988 - August 1997)
Living Greyhawk Journal 0-5 (August 2000 - March 2002)

Strategic Preview 3-6 (May 1976 - August 1976)
Players Association News 1-12 (March 1981 - January 1983)
Players Association Broadsheet (March 1983 - 1984)
TSR Worlds (June 1987 - Fall 1988)
Fantasy Worlds 1-5 (August 1987 - April 1988)
Secrets of the Sages: Forgotten Realms Newsletter Summer 1988 (June 1988)
TSR Spotlight (Spring 1990)
Game World (Fall 1990 - Fall 1993)
Fantastic Adventures (Winter 1993)
The Trumpeter 1.1-3.1 (March 1997 - January 1999)
Legends of the Lance 1-5 (January 1998 - January 1999)

[h=2]Magazine compilations[/h]
Best of The Dragon (September 1979, revised 1985)
Dragontales (August 1980)
The Best of White Dwarf Articles (1980)
The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios (1980)
Best of Dragon, Vol. II (November 1981, revised 1989)
SnarfQuest: The Book (January 1987)
The Fineous Treasury (1981)
Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. III (July 1983)
The Best of White Dwarf Articles Volume II (1983)
The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios Volume II (1983)
Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. IV (May 1985)
The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios Volume III (1985)
Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. V (May 1986)
Best of White Dwarf Articles Volume III (1986)
The Art of Dragon Magazine (January 1988)
The Best of Dragon Magazine Games (1990)
Dragon Magazine CD-ROM Archive (September 1999)
The Shackled City Adventure Path (July 2005)
Dragon Compendium, Volume 1 (December 2005)
The Art of Dragon Magazine (December 2006, also available in a leather-bound version)
Dragon: Monster Ecologies (May 2007)
Zogonia - Volume I: Slice of Death (May 2007)
Downer - Volume I: Wandering Monsters (June 2007)
Dragon Magazine Annual (August 2009)
Dungeon Magazine Annual (May 2010)

[h=1]Mayfair Games[/h]
The 1984 arrangement between Mayfair and TSR would be more accurately described as "an agreement reached after litigation because TSR was worried about precedent being set if they didn't settle" rather than a "licence". Still, technically, Mayfair did have a royalty-free licence to use the AD&D trademark for their Role Aids series, hence their inclusion here.

[h=2]Role Aids series[/h]
Beastmaker Mountain (1982)
The Quest for the Nanorien Stones (1982)
Fez I: Valley of Trees (1982)
Dwarves (1982)
Question of Gravity (1982)
Tower of Magicks (1983)
Dark Folk (1983)
Wizards (1983)
Dragons of Weng T'Sen (1983)
Fez II: The Contract (1983)
Elves (1983)
Shipwrecker (1983)
Evil Ruins (1983)
The Keep (1983)
Blasted Land (1983)
Kobold Hall (1983)
Swordthrust (1984)
Deadly Power (1984)
Shadows of Evil (1984)
Fantastic Treasures (1984)
Fez III: Angry Wizard (1984)
Dragons (1984)
Final Challenge (1984)
Throne of Evil (1984)
Monsters of Myth & Legend (1984)
Lich Lords (1985)
Clockwork Mage (1985)
Fantastic Treasures II (1985)
Elven Banner (1985)
Ice Elves (1985)
Fez IV: Wizard's Revenge (1986)
Pinnacle (1986)
Undead (1986)
War of Darkness (1986)
Beneath Two Suns (1986)
Crystal Barrier (1987)
Fez V: Wizard's Betrayal (1987)
Giants (1987)
Fez I: Wizard's Vale (updated version of FEZ I: Valley of Trees, 1987)
Fez VI: Wizard's Dilemma (1989)
Monsters of Myth and Legend II (1989)
Witches (1990)
Lizardmen (1991)
Psionics (1991)
A Portal to Adventure: People, Places & Things (1992)
Monsters of Myth and Legend III (1992)
Demons (1992)
Denizens of Vecheron (1992)
To Hell and Back (1993)
Sentinels (1993)
Denizens of Verekna (1993)
Demons II (1993)
Arch Magic (1993)
Denizens of Og (1993)
Apocalypse (1993)
Blood & Steel (1993)
Denizens of Diannor (1993)

Kenzer & Company obtained the rights to publish HackMaster as part of a settlement reached following Wizard of the Coast's inclusion of the Knights of the Dinner Table comics in the Dragon Magazine Archive CD-ROM without permission. This licence permitted Kenzer to parody D&D intellectual property in HackMaster products. That licence expired in August 2007, but new HackMaster products (without D&D-specific content) have continued to be published.

[h=2]Rulebooks and accessories[/h]
Player's Handbook (2001)
GameMaster's Guide (2001)
GameMaster's Shield (2002)
Player Character Record (2002)
The Spellsplinger's Guide to Wurld Domination (July 2002)
The Combatant's Guide to Slaughtering Foes (2003)
GameMaster's Campaign Record (2003)
GameMaster's Coupon Book (2003)
Player Character Record (Version 2.0) (2003)
Player Character Mat (2003)
Gawds & DemiGawds (2003)
The Zealot's Guide to Wurld Conversion (2003)
The Griftmaster's Guide to Life's Wildest Dreams (2003)
Gamemaster's Shield (Revised) (2003)
Combat Wheel (2004)
Garweeze Wurld Gazetteer (2004)
Garweeze Wurld Atlas (2004)
Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide (2004)
The HackMaster Coloring and Activity Book (2004)
Lord Flataroy's Guide to Fortifications (2004)
By the Sword: Duelling in the Realms of Fantasy (2005, PDF, December 2011)
The Adventurer's Guide to Pixie Fairies (2005)
HackJammer (2005)
World of Aldrazar (2007)
Dijishy: The City of History (PDF April 2008)

Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume I: Aarakians to Cats, Great (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume II: Cats, Small to Efreeti (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume III: Elemental to Hippopotamus (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume IV: Hoar Fox to Medusa (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume V: Meenlock to Neferain: Other, Soul Larva (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume VI: Nefarain: Other, Soul Snatcher to Rhinoceros (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume VII: Ribsplitter to Tiger Fly (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Volume VIII: Tiger Horse, Flying Albino to Zygom (2001)
Hacklopedia of Beasts - Monster Matrix (2002)
Hacklopedia Field Manual (2003)
Hacklopedia of Beasts: Rustlers of the Night (2006)

B1: Quest for the Unknown (2002)
B2: Little Keep on the Borderlands (2002)
Smackdown the Slavers (2002)
G1-3: Annihilate the Giants (2002)
Robinloft (December 2002)
K1: Slaughterhouse Indigo (January 2003)
D1-2: Descent Into the Netherdeep (2003)
S1: Tomb of Unspeakable Horrors (2003)
White Doom Mountain (2003)
T1-4: The Temple of Existential Evil (2003)
C1: The Hidden Shrine (2003)
C2: Demon Tower of Madness (2003)
Sir Robilar's City of Brass (2003)
I2: Crypt of the Lizard King (2004)
S4: Lost Caverns (2004)
Road to Aster (2004)
Robinloft 2: Tahd's Legacy (November 2004)
C4: The Prophecy of Shardar (2004)
UK1: Porpher's Enchanted Garden (2005)
K7: Tower of Jhedophar (PDF 2006)
YK1: Hungry Undead (2007)
Wryneck's Wheelhouse (2007)
S5: Dead Gawd's Hand (2007)
YK2: Temple of the Bronze Flame (2007)
YK3: Sometimes They Come Back (2007)
S6: Isle of Death (2008)
B3: House of Madness (2008)
Raid on Borgal's Keep (PDF, 2009)

[h=2]5th Edition[/h]
HackMaster Basic (2009)
White Palette, Ivory Horns (free PDF, July 2009)
Frandor's Keep (PDF, November 2009)
Deadly Trappings (November 2009)
Into the Realm of the Elm King (PDF, January 2010)
The Mysterious Shrine (free PDF, March 2010)
HackMastering Kalamar (free PDF, August 2010)
Wrath of the Vohven (PDF, June 2011)
The Plague of Cosolen (June 2011; PDF, June 2011)
Hacklopedia of Beasts (August 2011)
Player's Handbook (July 2012; PDF, April 2012, v1.01 PDF, December 2012)
HackMaster Basic (free PDF, August 2012)
HackMaster Basic Plus (PDF, August 2012)

HackJournal 1 (January 2002)
HackJournal 2 (March 2002)
HackJournal 3 (June 2002)
HackJournal 4 (September 2002)
HackJournal 5 (December 2002)
HackJournal 6 (March 2003)
HackJournal 7 (June 2003)
HackJournal Annual Volume 1 (July 2003)
HackJournal 8 (September 2003)
HackJournal 9 (PDF, February 2004)
HackJournal 10 (PDF, April 2004)
HackJournal 11 (PDF, July 2004)
HackJournal 12 (PDF, November 2004)
HackJournal 13 (PDF, February 2005)
HackJournal 14 (PDF, April 2005)
HackJournal 15 (PDF, July 2005)
HackJournal 16 (PDF, November 2005)
HackJournal 17 (PDF, February 2006)
HackJournal 18 (PDF, April 2006)
HackJournal 19 (PDF, July 2006)
HackJournal 20 (PDF, November 2006)
HackJournal 21 (PDF, March 2007)
HackJournal 22 (PDF, June 2007)
HackJournal 23 (PDF, September 2007)
HackJournal 24 (PDF, December 2007)
HackJournal 25 (PDF, March 2008)
HackJournal 26 (PDF, June 2008)
HackJournal 27 (PDF, September 2008)
HackJournal 28 (PDF, December 2008)
HackJournal 29 (PDF, March 2009)
HackJournal 30 (PDF, Summer 2009)
HackJournal 31 (PDF, Fall 2009)
HackJournal 32 (PDF, Spring 2010)
HackJournal 33 (PDF, Summer 2010)
HackJournal 34 (PDF, Winter 2011)
HackJournal 35 (PDF, Spring 2011)
HackJournal 36 (PDF, Summer 2011)
HackJournal 37 (PDF, Fall 2011)
HackJournal 38 (PDF, Spring 2012)
HackJournal 39 (PDF, Summer 2012)

[h=2]HackMaster Tactical Miniatures[/h]
4053: Blind Wretched Pursuer
4057: Elven Blind Wretched Pursuer
4058: Simian Orc Gang
4059: Beholder
4060: Great Horned Owlbear
4061: Lewd Beholder
4062: Yeti
4070: Gnome Titan (Male)
4071: Human Barbarian (Male)
4072: Peg-legged Dwarven Fighter
4073: Fireball Spell Effect
4074: Dwarf Battle Mage (Male)
4075: Elf Thief/Assassin (Male)
4076: Elf Magic-User (Male)
4077: Elf Magic-User (Female)
4078: Grel Fighter (Male)
4079: Half-Elf Fighter (Female)
4080: Human Magic-User (Male)
4081: Ape Shaman Warrior
4082: Aarnz Hound
4083: Kobolds
4084: Horned Simian Bush-Grappler
4085: Greater Satyr
4086: Hordling
4087: Elvariel Barbarian
4088: Elvariel Enforcer
4089: Elvariel Fighter
4093: Elvariel Magic-User
4095: Elvariel Thief/Assassin
4096: Elvariel Veteran
4097: Grevan
4098: Tough Halfling Thief
4099: Human Cleric (Female)
4100: Elvariel Berserker
4101: Hordling II
4102: Pixie Fairy Fighters
4103: Adapter
4104: Astral Searcher
4105: Sivian Banshee
4106: Elvariel Princess
4107: Elvariel Guard
4108: Night Hag
4109: Elvariel Necromancer
4110: Elvariel Priestess
4111: Leper Giant
4112: Fairy Wind 3-Pack
4113: Demon Wing 3-Pack
4114: Hobgoblins
4116: Human Ranger (Female)
4117: Gnome Illusionist (Male)
4118: Gnome Illusionist (Female)
4119: Orcs
4120: Human Monk (Male)
4121: Human Cleric (Male)
4122: Human Thief (Male)
4123: Ogre
4124: Elf Fighter (Male)
4125: Dwarf Cleric (Female)
4127: Gargoyles
4128: Half-Orc Berserker (Male)
4130: Human Fighter (Female)
4132: Hireling Pack 1 (Pack Ape and Lamp Fairy)
4133: Hireling Pack 2 (Scroll Caddy and Torchbearer)
4134: Devil Wing 3-Pack
4135: Dwarf Fighter (Male)
4136: Dwarf Thief (Male)
4137: Gnome Scroll Caddy (Male)
4138: Gnome Magic-User (Male)
4139: Gnome Fighter (Male)
4140: Human Fighter Heavy Armor (Male)
4141: Human Ranger (Male)
4142: Human Cleric/Druid (Male)

[h=2]Hackmaster promotional items[/h]
Hacklopedia "Eye" T-Shirt (July 2012)

[h=1]International products[/h]

[h=2]Dutch products[/h]

[h=3]D&D children's books[/h]
1: De Toren van Energie (softcover and hardcover, 1987)
2: De Tuin van Zinn (1987)
3: De Schat van de Tardos (softcover and hardcover, 1987)
4: De Verrader (1987)
5: De Dag van de Tovermeester (softcover and hardcover, 1987)
6: De Geheimzinnige Kist (1987)

[h=3]Board and card games[/h]
Dungeons & Dragons: Een Spannend Avonturenspel (1987)
D&D playing cards (1987)

[h=2]French products[/h]

[h=3]D&D cartoon show gamebooks[/h]
1: La Tour des Terreurs (1985?)
2: La Magie à l'Envers (1985?)
3: La Formule Magique (1985?)
4: Le Labyrinthe et le Dragon (1985?)
5: Le Roi Sans Couronne (1985?)
6: Les Voleurs d'Étioles (1985?)

[h=3]D&D cartoon show books[/h]
Le Grand Jour (1987)
La Derniére Illusion (1987)
Le Jardin Extraordinaire (1987)
Le Trésor De Tardos (1987)
La Traîtrise (1987)
La Boîte (1987)
Chez La Reine Sulinara (1987)
Sur La Montagne Du Crâne (1987)
Qui Sauvera Bobby Et Varla? (1987)

[h=3]Board games[/h]
Le Sourire Du Dragon (1987)

Le Sourire du Dragon (1987)

[h=2]German products[/h]

[h=3]Card games[/h]
D&D playing cards (1988)

[h=3]Movies and TV series[/h]
Fox Kids Dungeons & Dragons DVD (2004)

[h=2]Portuguese products[/h]

[h=3]Other products[/h]
Action figures

[h=2]Spanish products[/h]

[h=3]D&D cartoon show gamebooks[/h]
1: La Torre de los Sueños de Medianoche (1985?)
2: La Magia al Revés (1985?)
3: El Libro de los Hechizos (1985?)
4: El Laberinto y el Dragón Mágico (1985?)
5: El Rey sin Corona (1985?)
6: Los Ladrones de Estrellas (1985?)

[h=3]D&D cartoon show comics: Dragones y Mazmorras[/h]
Released: 1985-1986

1: El Ojo del Vigilante
2: El Valle de los Unicornios
3: En Busca del Amo del Calabozo
4: Prisión sin Paredes
5: El Sirviente del Mal
6: (Title unknown)
7: La Noche sin Fin
8: El Gran Salón
9: La Bella y la Bestia
10: Presto Hechiza un Desastre
11: La Búsqueda del Esqueleto Guerrero
12: (Title unknown)
13: La Caja
14: La Niña que Soñaba el Futuro
15: El Tesoro de Tardos
16: (Title unknown)
17: (Title unknown)
18: LA Última Ilusión
19: (Title unknown)
20: El Cementerio de Dragones
21: El Hijo del Cosmólogo
22: (Title unknown)
23: Ciudadela de Sombras
24: El Talismán Numero Doce
25: La Cueva de los Dragones Fantasticos
26: (Title unknown)
27: Vientos de Oscuridad

Un Mundo Fantastico (cassette) (1985)
Un Mundo Fantastico (record) (1985)

[h=3]Movies and TV series[/h]
Dragones & Mazmorras 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD (2008)
Dragones & Mazmorras 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD (metal case) (2008)

[h=3]Other products[/h]
Action figures
D&D meat products (1981)


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