Planescape Monsters of Planescape WotC video

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Guidance on how to make monsters more planar? That sounds interesting.
  • Traits that are inspired by each of the outer planes that you can add to a monster. No impact on CR. Drag-n-drop
  • Suggestions to alter creatures to align more with a particular plane. Tables and suggestions.
Finally templates?

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
On DnD Beyond they write about how a swarm of ravens (an unkindness) in the celestial planes could be a kindness instead, and now when swarming heals rather than harms

I'm so tempted to create a PS monster PDF for DMSGUILD, but it takes so much time to do it right (editing and formatting especially). I really like making monsters....and those PDFs generally sell well, but I just don't know....Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to these books?
As D&D Beyond usually has a free monster release in conjunction with a setting release, we'll probably see a few more monsters here very soon...

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