Planescape Monsters of Planescape WotC video

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New Publisher
As D&D Beyond usually has a free monster release in conjunction with a setting release, we'll probably see a few more monsters here very soon...
Oh, truth. There are hundreds of monsters available the opportunity to make alternate versions.....But I'm going to bet we get no new monsters from DNDBEYOND for PS any time soon.


Guidance on how to make monsters more planar? That sounds interesting.
  • Traits that are inspired by each of the outer planes that you can add to a monster. No impact on CR. Drag-n-drop
  • Suggestions to alter creatures to align more with a particular plane. Tables and suggestions.
might be the only interesting thing in there (to me)


Finally templates?
There are templates in the MM, like a whole three of them (Shadow Dragon, Half-Drragon and I swear something else). Sort of in the DMG, in the table of Humanoid races to any to any NPC stat block (for all your Bullywug Archmage needs!).

Still, it's good tech that 5E could use more of, even if 3E went MAD WITH POWER.


They always had a bit of a presence there. I wouldn't mind if they become the yugoloths of the Upper Planes, where they're spread out among the three neutral good planes. And them being in the Beastlands does make sense thematically...
I think they are slightly altering the cosmos for 2024 to make it more accesible...associating the Beast-people Angel's with the Beaarlands seems smart.

Weird Dave

I dig the monsters in the Planescape release. They're pretty well suited for adventures in and around Sigil and the Oustlands.

That being said (plug plug), if you're looking for MOAR MONSTARS to populate your infinite planes, check out Monsters of the Infinite Planes! I'm pretty happy there's not a huge number of dupes between my book and the Planescape book, mainly because the Planescape setting wasn't (isn't yet) available on the DMsGuild - but the planes are generic enough to be separate from the setting.


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