Morrus' New Years' RPG Resolutions

As the new year approaches, here are my RPG resolutions for the coming year. What are yours?

As the new year approaches, here are my RPG resolutions for the coming year. What are yours?

  • Double the tabletop RPG coverage so we have multiple daily articles from a range of writers.
  • Do my part to increase inclusivity in the RPG and D&D community.
  • Have every official D&D book independently reviewed.
  • Recover from the Patreon attack and grow EN5ider, EONS, and TRAILseeker.
  • Launch a Starfinder Patreon.
  • Get 300K members on EN World.
  • Launch something video (a thing I've wanted to do for years but lack the knowhow, personal, location, or equipment).
  • Launch an EN World podcast.
  • Game twice a week as often as I can (I currently average once a week, with two groups).


What are your RPG resolutions for 2018?
As an aside, if you are willing to help EN World, these things would be most gratefully appreciated:


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For my RPG resolutions for the forthcoming year, I will:

Give up Drinking the lifeforce out of my campaign.

Give up Smoking PC's when they say sarcastic things.

Give up Feasting my eyes on new mini's all the time. Every day. Every single damned day.

Take up Exercising my right to roleplay theatrically, even when no-one else round the table does.

Take up Jogging other people's memories instead of sitting there in silence.

Take up Skipping the parts that my players will find boring.

Take up Swimming through the hundreds of good adventure ideas out there.

Continue the Healthy Activity of socialising with fellow peers on this fantastic site.

Cheers to you all.

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Ooh another one.

Try to get more new people into the game.

Last year I pursusaded 2 people who would have never given it a go. Now they freaking love it!


Cute but dangerous
- bring the multiple adventure paths campaign to an end
- branch out into even more settings (and systems) instead of being stuck on Golarion so often
- run more one shots
- continue PFS-scenarios
- not starting another campaign before at least 3 have finished (that's gonna be difficult)


1. Try and kill as many PCs as possible.
2. Finish the current campaign and decide what to do afterwards.
3. Hopefully get to play as a player, rather than a DM.
4. Complete my insane project of writing my setting.
5. Actually get something published for real (will be coming along eventually).


Goal 1: run a regular Star Trek Adventures game at my FLGS, where they host a monthly RPG day. STA offers an "in play" character generation system that enables the player to build the character into a chosen role. I will run with the same crew, for potentially different players, and always episodically. My reason for this is threefold: first, play Star Trek; second, get more involved as a local GM; and three, use it as a vehicle to try out new GM ideas.

Goal 2: Run a published WOTC adventure, either ToA or PotA. I plan on bringing my homebrew 5e game to a close NLT the end of Spring, and would like to riff on someone else's work for a while instead of doing it all myself.

Goal 2 possible: Perhaps in place of Goal 2, run a campaign using Modiphius' Conan as a deliberate break from 5e. My home group favors fantasy as a genre, and while I really like 5e I don't want it to get stale as a ruleset.

Goal 3 maybe: Play in some games myself, which I usually only do at our annual local con. I ought to do that more often.

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