Morrus' New Years' RPG Resolutions

As the new year approaches, here are my RPG resolutions for the coming year. What are yours?

  • Double the tabletop RPG coverage so we have multiple daily articles from a range of writers.
  • Do my part to increase inclusivity in the RPG and D&D community.
  • Have every official D&D book independently reviewed.
  • Recover from the Patreon attack and grow EN5ider, EONS, and TRAILseeker.
  • Launch a Starfinder Patreon.
  • Get 300K members on EN World.
  • Launch something video (a thing I've wanted to do for years but lack the knowhow, personal, location, or equipment).
  • Launch an EN World podcast.
  • Game twice a week as often as I can (I currently average once a week, with two groups).


What are your RPG resolutions for 2018?
As an aside, if you are willing to help EN World, these things would be most gratefully appreciated:


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1) Include my teenage son in more adult games (as in "with adult gamers", not "with adult content"); not in a "this is how a REAL roleplayer plays" way, but to introduce him to different role-models and rp styles.

2) Complete my homebrewed Twilight Imperium RPG. It can't be published or broadcasted, but I want to complete a homebrew project all the way for once...

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