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D&D General MtG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Spoiler Thread


If I were to guess:
The remaining White class has to be Paladin
Druid is the other Green Class
Rogues are in Blue and Black, so there's the Rogue
Sorcerer is Blue Red
Which leaves the Monk as White Blue.

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Bardic Dave

All 12 of the PHB classes are going to have cards in the game, it is not color-balanced

ETA: Color breakdown and missing slots, revealed here:
2 W - Cleric, ?
1 U - Wizard
1 B - Warlock
1 R - Barbarian
2 G - Ranger, ?
WU - ?
UB - ?
UR - ?
RG - Bard
RW - Fighter
Here’s my guess for the missing classes:
W: Paladin
G: Druid
WU: Monk
UB: Rogue
UR: Sorcerer

edit: ninja’d!


So, Fighter is Boros and equipment focused. Not cycled by Color, but chosen based on Class features there are 2 White, 1 Blue, 2 Green, 1 Red, 1 Black, 1 Azorius, 1 Gruul, 1 Dimir, 1 Izzet, and 1 Boros

  • Cleric = White
  • Wizard = Blue
  • Ranger = Green
  • Warlock = Black
  • Barbarian = Red
  • Fighter = Boros
  • Bard = Gruul

So, I'm going with the remainder:

  • White = Paladin
  • Green = Druid
  • Azorius = Monk
  • Dimir = Rogue
  • Izzet = Sorcerer


Man, the egg on all our faces if we're wrong, lol

ETA: But I don't think we are:


Man, the egg on all our faces if we're wrong, lol
I dunno, feel pretty good about that: given that we have 7 confirmed data points, and the five Color combos given...Druid has to have Green, Paladin could Azorius BUT then Monk would have to be Monowhite which makes no sense, Black doesn't fit for Sorcerer OR Monk, Izzet doesn't fit Monk OR Rogue...

I think we nailed it, independently and simultaneously.


Morkus from Orkus
If one of the others is also multicoloured it means two 5 card Class cycles, one rare and one Uncommon. I suspect the other multicolour will be 2 of Black, White, and Blue, or all three, maybe Warrior.

White Cleric & Paladin
Red Barbarian & Sorcerer
Green Druid & Ranger
Black Warlock and Rogue
Blue Wizard & Monk
Multicolour Bard & Fighter
I would have flipped Bard into blue, since that class all about charms and knowledge, and Fghter into red, since most fighterish abilities have traditionally been red cards. Sorcerer and Wizard would have been multicolor for me, since their spells are all over the map.

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