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Music and D&D

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Victoria Rules
Can't say I've ever really associated any particular music with modules, other than a few songs I've written and recorded for that very purpose.

But many of my and others' characters have theme songs tied to them - some for obvious reasons e.g. "Burnin' Down the House" for a mage known for setting things on fire, and some for less obvious reasons or because at some point new words have been put to the song to suit that character.

Edit: this is my first post on the new site; and I see that my rank is "Legend" - this is amusing because the last game Lenefan-the-character was played in was (and still is) commonly called "Legends"... :)


When I was getting into 2e I was just discovering Led Zeppelin. Stairway to Heaven, with the flute and mystical sound, just inspired me. That was around the time my mom bought me FR box set and my mind was going a thousand mph with possibilities.


So, I was thinking about music, and D&D, and how sometimes music is indelibly associated with a particular time and event.

And I was wondering if anyone else had this- when they read a particular module, or rulebook, a particular song came to mind? Or, perhaps, if they heard a song, that a particular module/rulebook etc. came up?

For me, there are a few that spring easily too mind. Bear with me, I'm old.

1. Pharaoh (I3) and the Thompson Twins. Okay, more specifically, Doctor Doctor. For whatever reason, I have a specific memory of beginning the read-through of I3 (in order to run it) while Doctor Doctor played on a car radio while returning ... probably from a Waldenbooks.

2. Lost City (B4) and Pyromania. Don't judge, but we played Def Leppard, specifically Pyromania, while running B4. Even more specifically, I can't hear Photograph without thinking of Zargon.


3. Deities and Demigods. Pink Floyd (the Wall). Again, the first time I read D and D, these were playing on my friend's stereo. From his cassette tapes. Look it up. They were like mp3s, but less versatile.

So those are a few. What about the rest of you? Do you have any music / D&D pairing that are indelibly etched into your. consciousness?
When I picked up my copy of Tomb of Annhilation, shortly after I started my drive home, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses came up on my music system. That song immediately makes me think of Yuan-Ti and insane Lich traps in the darkest part of Chult now. Couldn't have made that up.



Yup. Not just D&D though.

B/X & BECMI: Pretty much anything from the 80's that I don't list for some other specific RPG.

1e: Manowar and Carmina Burana, as well as the soundtrack to Legend (Tangerine Dreams one), Conan and Bladerunner.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1e): Manowar again, as well as Sabat, Venom and Bolt-Thrower (WH40k; we took the WH40k book...1st edition, 1st printing...and used it with WHFRP to make it an RPG)

Powers & Perils: Pointer Sisters, Prince and soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop

MSHA (Marvel Superheroes Advanced Set): Bladerunner (again), Tangerine Dream (various albums), Def Lepard, Quiet Riot and Ozzy Ozbourn.

Why? I have no idea. Its just the whole "brain thing" doing it's "brain stuff". Huh...crazy brains....I still don't understand mine to this day...


Paul L. Ming


40th lv DM
Anytime I hear Stray Cat Strut I think of Isle of Dread.
Likewise, thinking of IoD brings Stray Cat Strut to mind.
Good thing I like the Stray Cats/Brian Setzer....

Both were new in '81, so I assume this was playing on the radio while I was reading the module the 1st time.

Other than that anything else Basic/Expert or 1e often triggers a randomized mental playlist of the '80s. Sometimes with their MTV videos.
Mostly stuff I like, but sometimes not.


I know exactly what you’re talking about. I would listen to my Walkman, Duran Duran seven and the ragged tiger over and over while reading the MM. so every time I hear a song from that album, I get flashbacks of reading the book.

Same thing for Asia Astra and Terry Brooks books.

To this day, when I’m writing DnD stuff, I have a playlist that brings back those memories and helps me get in the mood. Duran Duran, Phil Collins no jacket required, scorpions love at first sting, Heart greatest hits, Asia, quiet riot condition critical, and Van Halen 1984

I have a feeling that in the years to come, I’ll associate 5e most with Two Steps to Hell. So many sessions I’ve just put a mix of their stuff on as background music.


Small God of the Dozens
For many years the Wrath of Khan soundtrack was our groups go-to soundtrack, and I associate that music with a bunch of modules and settings. More currently, my 12 year-old just curated a playlist of hits from the 80's to go along with all his Bard spells and abilities which he plays in-game whenever he uses those abilities. I'm a proud dad right now.


Small God of the Dozens
I mean, on the one hand, awesome job getting your kid so involved! That's great! Also a great age for RPGing. :)

On the other hand, friends don't let friends bard.
It's his first real campaign, I was going to let him play whatever he wanted. He wants to play a Gnome Charlatan Bard with a bubble pipe and 80's entry music? Sure, no sweat. Would I let you play that same character without a whole lot of mockery? Hell no.


It's his first real campaign, I was going to let him play whatever he wanted. He wants to play a Gnome Charlatan Bard with a bubble pipe and 80's entry music? Sure, no sweat. Would I let you play that same character without a whole lot of mockery? Hell no.
For some reason, this put the theme song to Kid Video into my head. And because I'm a giver. now so do you ;)



Small God of the Dozens

Now that is some unconditional love.

In my house, I would have been all, "YOU ARE NO CHILD OF MINE! BEGONE, SATAN-SPAWN!"

Different parenting styles, and all that.
Did I mention his small squirrel friend? Usually played by my two year-old who wants to be doing what the big kids are doing. He's planning to MC into Warlock to add a familiar too. Sometimes parenthood is a struggle.

DM Dave1

In Ashley Warren's DMsGuild Product The Ring of the Battle Maiden, she presents a folk metal playlist that inspired her writing. I found that to be a cool touch and it opened my eyes... er... ears to some stuff I'd never heard before.

You can listen to the playlist here:


Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters