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[Mutants & Masterminds / DC Adventures] Freedomverse Issue #1 "Black & White"


First Post
Meanwhile at Freedom Hall...

The group of Freedom Leaguers convene at the Hall's Old Monitor Room

The group ponders their next move in the in their investigation when an announcement of an incoming Teleportal is broadcast.

[MENTION=813]jmucchiello[/MENTION] Mr. Amazing has arrived with orders from Pseudo to help the away team.

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"Never fear. Mr Amazing is here," Amazing says in a rich baritone, as he stands with hands on hips, chest thrust forward, and facing a distant star only he can see. "Ha ha," he continues relaxing from the silly pose. "Pseudo sent me here to see if you needed help. What's happening?"


First Post
Before the heroes can answer the newcomer the room's large monitor flares to life and a 10-foot tall "mug" comes onto the screen. Maddicks.

"Alright youse yahoos. Mayor says I am ta share intel witchu. We'll need to check the blood tests to be sure but each Nazi is exhibiting symptoms that jive with takin' large amounts of a drug called "Max". Max is a highly addictive drug popular with “extreme sports” types as well as criminals looking to give themselves..or their henchmen an edge against supers. It gives the user superhuman strength and stamina but the strain on a user's system often causes massive coronaries and strokes. Real nice stuff!" He snorts.
"Anyways yew rookies try not to #&ck this up!" The unceremoniously screen goes black.

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First Post
"Drugs are bad ok..." Tarantula mutters with a grin under his mask. Louder he asks the other heroes "So how are we going to track down these yahoos? I was a med student before I got these super powers so I am not really good at all this detective work..."


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"Mister...Amazing, okay," Hex says, nonplussed. "Well, thanks for coming to help. We can definitely use it. I'm not going to be much help following the drug lead, at least for the moment. I do want to get started looking up this stolen artifact though. Also, I think the sword. I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of that demon's influence around this. Next time I'd like to be better prepared."


First Post
Hex manages to wrench her eyes away from Mr. Amazing and coughs to clear her throat.

"Anyway, I'll be in one of the labs. I may need to head down to my place for reference material...but I'll let you guys know when I find anything out."

She heads over to the closest empty lab space on the space station, letting the illusion protecting her identity fade away as she goes.

"...you'll be needing a clear head for this," the Grimoire grumps. "Hit him with a love spell and get it over with, I say."

Sandra nearly tripped over her own feet. "What?!"

"The boy. The one you were staring at." The ancient spellbook's cover writhed as it yawned.

Her cheeks burned red. "That's not funny."

"No? What will be funny is watching you try to puzzle this out while mooning over..."

"I. Am. Not. MOONING!" she interrupted. "Yes, all right, he's good looking, and I was distracted. For a SECOND. That is NOT the same thing!"

The tome chuckled. "It's nothing to be overly ashamed of. Comes with the territory of being young and foolish, like any apprentice. Get it out of your system, I say."

"I'd like to get you out of my system," Sandra muttered irritably. She closed the lab door behind her a bit too hard. Fortunately it was designed to resist mistreatment by far stronger individuals. A moment later the Grimoire was laid open and she was bringing up articles from the museum website about that exhibit on her smartphone.

(Expertise: Magic with the Grimoire's assistance - [roll0])
Trying to figure out any magical significance to the artifact stolen, and the sword Reb was using.

Prometheus sits down at one of the many computer terminals and brings up the Identi-kit program. He then describes the woman who escaped with the artifact, so that the program can generate an accurate picture of her. When the picture is as accurate as he can get it, he feeds it into a facial recognition application.

OOC: Do I need a skill roll for this?

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