D&D 5E My Review of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is Live will also answer any questions

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Question is there Art for the Molydeus Demon in the book.

Secondly how are the Abishai types in terms battle role. (Like Casters, Stealth.)

I searched aroundand couldn't find any art for the Molydeus Demon, perhaps because each wields a different weapon depending on it's master.

So each Abishai (Black, Blue, Green, Red, & White) focus on a different style.

Black - Assassinish
Blue - Wizardy
Green - Cunning and illusiony
Red - Leadership & raw power
White - seem to be reckless pawns


So, what's the deal with Giff Guns?

They have two! A Musket and a Pistol. Both deal pretty solid damage and have decent range. Plus the Giff come packaged with an ability (feat?) Called "Firearms Knowledge" that allows them to ignore the loading properties of both weapon types.


Listening to a podcast review (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mage-productions/id1376790775?mt=2), I've heard that, in the new lore, the elven souls reincarnate after each death, but the drow souls just... die? So, the drow get no afterlife? Would you be so kind to check if that's true? What does it say about the souls of those drow who follow Eilistraee (it's the last part of her writeup)?

It seems like the conduct of the elf in life has a connection as to whether they transcend or not. Even Non-Drow elves can end up being denied if they don't live up to expectations.

There is a line after this that claims Drow never transcend but perhaps they can if they follow the surface elven gods.

With Eilistraee they specifically say that her followers with the Drow sometimes simply fade away when they die leaving no clue as to what has happened to their souls.


Thank you for checking. But wow, so the souls of the elves who don't match the Seldarine's standards are destroyed? And the drow are destroyed a priori, with only chances of not being destroyed by following Eilistraee or the Seldarine? That's a massive retcon, and truly harsh, tbh.

That bit about Eilistraee, that's the so called last dance. It's supposed to be an act of love from the goddess, as she personally brings the soul of the drow with her. They seem to have made it something eerie.

No elf can ever hope to go to Arvandor (in the previous lore, they all went there, unless they worshiped non-elven deities)?

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