D&D 5E My Review of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is Live will also answer any questions

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Any interesting stuff about gnomes? I've liked the preview stuff about halflings, talking about how they fit into the universe, and I feel like gnomes need that sort of clarification in 5E. Making them the secretive fey race in 4E was a cool direction, but they seem to have steered away from that now.

Gnomes are highlighted very well in my opinion. Nine pages of lore, they added the Deep Gnome subclass. I really like the distinctions between Rock Gnomes and Forest Gnomes too.

Plenty about their deities too.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
D&D 5e has destroyed the D&D elf traditions.

You said yesterday that your nerd rage was subsiding...let it go man..let it go.

You dont need to go to every thread mentioning the new book to say exactly the same thing. You could say ''crap, D&D doest not support my ideal of the elven race''. It destroyed nothing. The rules in the DMG espicially allows DM and players to come up with their own race. Its supported in the rules.

The fact that the Raven Queen is now a elven godess irks me, but it didnt destroy D&D, because D&D is what my table and I decide it is to us. You created a nice spell list for psionic like character, with a new take on ''schools'' of magic, you didnt feel constrained in that case by the lack of psionic support or by previous description of the spells that doest fit psionicism. You just refluffed the spell effect, ignored the ''school'' part of the spell and made your list.

Dont let printed words in a yet-to-come book ruin your fun in game.


So do we now have an elf race for every stat? Because we need an elf race for every stat. Humans get to be all alike but we can be racists against elves because elves don't exist.


I think that "rock gnomes as scientists" angle has a lot of promise . . . driven by curiosity, relying on innate intelligence and a scientific method (something none of the other races have really picked up on), the rock gnomes seek to understand everything. That's a good hook.

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