5E Mystic Power Cards Template for Magic Set Editor


I have just uploaded Mystic Power Cards Template for Magic Set Editor to the downloads area.

The powers for the new Mystic class from Unearthed Arcana seems like it would benefit from some discipline power cards, much like the spell cards I made for the spell casters in D&D. And like my spell cards, this is a template for the Magic Set Editor.

At early levels, the management of the mystic powers should not be much of a challenge, but as the character advances in level and gains new disciplines and ability to spend more psi points for greater effects, these power cards will be more helpful in managing the abilities.

I’ve provided 18 different background options, ranging from a simple layout for easier reading to psionic themed artwork. I’ve also included in the stylesheet the option to include your own image for the card background.

There is a choice of colors for the psi point orb. Additionally, when the effect is labeled “Psychic Focus” the psi point orb disappears (no points needed) to indicate its free cost.
There is the Concentration orb to remind players that only one power can be concentrated on at a time.

For style preferences, the text and orb borders come in a variety of color options.

You can find the file here in the resource section. Please use this thread for comments.

Below are some Sample cards:

Adaptive Body3.jpg Adaptive Body2.jpg Adaptive Body1.jpg Body of Wind1.jpg Aura Sight1.jpg
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