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Hey guys,

Found this awesome game through EN Worlds crowdfunding news section by accident. Can't believe that this KS is actually getting this little attention, so I wanted to bring it to light a little. I read the playtest rules, watched the KS video and I was in love with it. It is a game of such simple and elegant design. The designer obviously drew inspiration from games like D&D 4E, 13th AGE, FATE, Blades in the Dark... There are familiar mechanics in this but it works so beautifully.

It is a Sci-fi game that sort of reminds me of Mass Effect (which I adored). Players play as a crew on a starship navigating a hostile space filled with different factions, trying to do some missions, get some credits and just survive another day. Factions which you wrong somehow or stand in their way actually get hate points and will try to retaliate against you or make you pay of your debt. You have factions that you would expect in a game like this, like space pirates and corp mercs, but also some kind of high tech undead and space cults. It has a fantastic random mission generator that helps you create all kinds of missions and encounters. You do this together with the players so they are involved.

Characters are built so simply and yet they are very deep. You have four attributes and select two Aspects (narrative talents) and two Tactics (combat talents). You also make up your own past experiences... these are like skill packages that you can use to be better in certain tasks when it makes narrative sense.

There is more to the game but I hope that this will at least make you give it a chance and interest you enough to read through the playtest... There is a lot of amazing stuff in there.

KS page -

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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You Will Probably Like Mythic Space If You Have Ever...

  • Paused a Halo LAN party because Cowboy Bebop came on Adult Swim.
  • Thought "D&D 4e was really ahead of its time. Hey, do you think I could run Traveller with it?"
  • Argued about which Mass Effect romance option is the best (It's obviously Garrus).
  • Thrown on the Expanse for the third time while you grind for loot in Destiny.
  • Thought "I love the character options in Lancer, but I wish it was as easy to prep as Stars Without Number."
This is a good set of bullet points. And, yes, obviously Garrus.

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