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Needing a new avatar...


Staff member
I’ve had this avatar for I don’t know how many years, and its age is showing. I would like to freshen things up with a new one. One that’s not quite so...pixelated.

What I need is a way to modify an image so that it will conform to the site’s size restrictions, and the thumbnail generators I used to use back in the day are now defunct.

Any suggestions?

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Staff member
Should’ve said: I’m strictly an Apple guy at this point in time. Predominantly on mobile devices, as well, unless I have serious writing to do. I have some oooooooooold art programs, but they don’t run properly on my current Mac

So ideally, I’m looking for an app or web-based solution.


I've used Pixlr as an editor before. It does a decent job of being a reasonable Photoshop-esque editor that works in a broswer.

For something simpler, since the board does use circular icons, something like Token Stamp, which is mostly intended for producing VTT tokens, might actually be well suited to your needs.


Yup, as a Windows PC based photographer, that information definitely would have been helpful for making recommendations.

Email it to a friend who has a computer and give the size specs needed?


Mod Squad
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So, you want an app from at least a known provider?

How about - Adobe Spark?

Which is just my Google-fu, searching on "photo editing" and scrolling down to the first major provider in the list. There's also Photoshop Express on the Apple store as well.


Not sure what level of editing you need, but on MacOS the standard Preview tool allows both cropping and resizing an image. Or you could try Gimp, which is an open source image manipulator tool.

On mobile, I use SnapSeed, which is more of a photo editor than image manipulation, but allows cropping and limited resizing (under Settings).


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So, first of all, thank you for all the suggestions!

Secondly, as it turns out, the forum’s current software doesn’t require an avatar image be reduced to something thumbnail-sized. I simply uploaded an image of one of my guitars and...


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