New 13th Age 'Escalation Edition' Coming Next Year!

There's a new version of 13th Age coming! Pelgrane Press announced at Gen Con that the 13th Age 'Escalated Edition' will be coming to Kickstarter next year. It will be backwards compatible with the current game. They'll be starting a playtest program very soon, which they are inviting game groups to join.

13th Age was released in 2013, designed by Rob Heinsoo (D&D 4E) and Jonathan Tweet (D&D 3E), and is a 'variant' of D&D.

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13th Age had a couple of blemishes for me - though I wouldn't say I dislike it.
I don't care for the One Unique Thing - as it has the tendency to turn my games silly (i.e. "I'm the only halfling who is actually a baby goose and my name is Ryan Gosling.")
The Icon relationships rolled every session feel chaotic, forced, and impertinent to the story the group is telling. Sometimes they make no sense at all. (I've scrapped the concept of the Icons in some games.)
And then the worst is the inflated die rolling. As you go up in level, having to keep increasing the damage dice gets tedious, throwing big fistfuls of dice around every turn.


On Discord, user Maneval#0450 shared these notes from the Gen Con panel.
  • Rob opened with an anecdote about playing 13th Age during the pandemic and finding how his monk was great but the fighter sucked.
  • Briefly discussed Behemoths: Path of the Koru. Similar to Drakkenhall (each chapter by a different author)
  • Announced Escalation Edition (new edition)
  • "We put a lot of advice in [13th Age] that turned out not to be true."
  • will be backward compatible so Bestiaries can still be used
  • Feat progression in original 13th Age worked more like Adv: +2, Champ: +4, Epic: +6... new edition: may be condensed into a single feat that says +2, bump to +4 at champ, bump to +8 at epic.
  • Original team of Rob and Jonathan along with Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell returning
  • new pictures of the icons?
  • lots of new full color art
  • monster stats not changing
  • Icon Followers will be after Escalated Edition
  • Prophets of the Pyre, 10 lvl [Gareth Hanrahan] campaign. 95% done. Shorter in page count than stone thief


B/X Known World
Disappointed that Jonathan Tweet is coming back after Pelgrane said they dropped him after his fun little "race science" tweets.
People really still parroting this lie? Come on.



I'm disappointed Tweet is coming back because of his work on D&D 3rd edition quite frankly.

Can we get a Kickstarter for 14th Age by Heinsoo and Logan Bonner?
Tweet is not working on 3rd. He is working on 13th Age. Tweet has a wide variety of game designs under his belt including Ars Magica, Everway, Talisanta and Over the Edge. These are all vastly different games. Tweet does not just redo 3rd edition over and over. He has, in fact, only worked on 3e once. 😊


I'm torn. I'm a big fan of the epic, a big believer that PCs should be the HEROES of the story, and lover of all the games that let this happen. 13th Age is a great example of this.

But... well... Rob Heinsoo was... awful to someone I know.... Someone who worked for him. He doesn't deserve my money.
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Eric V

Super excited, though in our group after years of play we found that it was the monk that was a bit weak and the fighter that shone!


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The following snippet seems to imply that Tweet will be back:

Yeah, but who is that person? Random, non-official folks leaving notes on Discord is not what I'd call reliable reporting.

Folks should seek official confirmation of that before deciding what to do about it.


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Yeah, but who is that person? Random, non-official folks leaving notes on Discord is not what I'd call reliable reporting.

Folks should seek official confirmation of that before deciding what to do about it.
For sure. I'll add that, personally, I don't have anything against Tweet and, as one of the two original designers, I'd prefer if he was involved.


The only thing surprising about this is that it's taken this long to get a revised edition of the game. After playing it myself for nearly 10 years now there are definitely a lot of small things that could use updating.

I only hope that they keep some of the classes simple. There's been a real tendency in the new classes that they've released over the years to keep upping the complexity and while that's fine having some classes that are just "pick a Talent at each tier" is really useful for the players who are put off by mechanical complexity getting in the way of playing the character they want to play. Having a range of complexity in the various classes has been good for my table at least as everyone can kind of find a class they want to play.

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