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D&D (2024) New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Alternate Art Cover Reveal

Alternate Player's Handbook cover art by Wylie Beckert.

Polygon revealed the alternate art for the 2024 Player's Handbook.

"Illustrated by Wylie Beckert, the alt art cover of the Player’s Handbook (2024) features a party comprised of D&D’s four iconic classes — the fighter, the wizard, the cleric, and the rogue — all gathered around a friendly gold dragon, sharing tea. This gentle scene stands in stark contrast to the mainline Player’s Handbook (2024), which will have a bright, bold cover by Tyler Jacobsen with similar characters posed in the moments before striking a blow."


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The gold leaf is lovely.

I am looking at the characters:
• Rogue female perching on the dragon
• Fighter female sitting with sword

• Wizard male standing
• Cleric male sitting

But it could be the other way around. The staff might be an arcane focus or a divine focus.

Heh, the long-beard, long-hair, long-robe is pervasive.

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