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D&D (2024) Check Out The 2025 Monster Manual Alternate Cover!

A mind flayer adorns the Monster Manual alternate cover!

Originally previewed on Dexterto, here is the alternative cover for 2025's new Monster Manual, featuring a mind flayer! The alternate cover for the Dungeon Master's Guide featured the super goddess Lolth, and the Player's Handbook was a gold dragon drinking tea with an adventuring party.

The alternate covers were made by artists Wylie Beckert and Olena Richards.



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So far the artwork of the Mind Flayer is the only decent one, though for a monster book there should be more than one on the cover! The rest of all the different regular and alternate covers are so darn lame. Wishing artist that are like Caldwell and Elmore, were doing the covers!


I am fond of the alt Players Handbook cover. I like that it is charming. This Gold Dragon might be a "contact" or "mentor" from one of the backgrounds. It is appropriate for a character building book.

The Mindflayer figure leans into the "exposed brain" iconography of certain aberrations that happen to be psionic. I feel some Aberrations are Psionic, but not all of them.

Same goes for Celestials and Fiends. Some are Psionic but not all of them. All "Angels" are Psionic, including Telepathic, the language of souls.

I feel the Elemental language Primordial and its dialects, should similarly be a Telepathic language of a sort, relating to affinity with a particular Element. It is less about using ones tongue and lips, and more about attuning the Element itself to communicate.


Gotta milk those BG references before they release a terrible, rushed, MTX-filled 4th entry and ruin all the good faith Larian has built on their behalf.

Kickass arts, though! I love the Lolth one!

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