D&D (2024) Check Out The 2025 Monster Manual Alternate Cover!

A mind flayer adorns the Monster Manual alternate cover!

Originally previewed on Dexterto, here is the alternative cover for 2025's new Monster Manual, featuring a mind flayer! The alternate cover for the Dungeon Master's Guide featured the super goddess Lolth, and the Player's Handbook was a gold dragon drinking tea with an adventuring party.

The alternate covers were made by artists Wylie Beckert and Olena Richards.



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Well, Chaosmancer, since you only received a "your [sic] not worth the effort" as a response, I thought I would at least add a note saying that I thought this was a very considered response and you brought up excellent support from the history of D&D. Furthermore, I enjoyed reading this post and I am thankful you took the time to compose it....thanks!

Oh, thank you very much

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I prefer these alternate covers to the standard ones. I'm finding the standard covers a bit cutesy for my taste, and while these alternate ones also have a touch of that, the illustration style makes it easier to swallow.
not sure I find the standard cutesy, but the alternate certainly are. So the increase in cuteness is acceptable in the alternate art style I guess ;)

I am not sure which set I like better, the alternate MM kinda does mess up that theme a little.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
The alternate covers feel much more like illustrated fantasy stories pre-World War II, so the vibe works, IMO.

The standard covers are extremely modern and feel inspired by modern-day animation, which makes sense, given animation's prominence in modern fantasy generally.

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