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D&D Movie/TV New D&D movie details? Vecna?!


Oh yeah I'm sure they're moving on it, and I'd be unsurprised if Vecna was involved, because he's hard to go far wrong with. I'd be more surprised by stuff like Half-Dragons (really? Could be a misunderstanding of Dragonborn by a non-player or last-played-in-3E person though) and putting a Gold Dragon in it seems, er, unlikely as Ralif implied.

Also just personal peeve but by god those are some terrible and un-Faerunian names.

Yeah, I'm taking some of the details with a grain of salt, but the signs of misunderstanding actually make me believe the legitimacy of the rumor: somebody got a scoop, didn't fully get every detail right.

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You say that like Vecna is some weird unbelievable thing to have in a D&D movie! :)

Now if it were including a Ferrari or Batman, now that would be a surprise...

Vecna is weird in the sense of being a Greyhawk deity in the Forgotten Realms, but to be honest, Greyhawk keeps feeling like the next Setting to be devoured by the Forgotten Realms (well Greyhawk or Nentir Vale/Nerath Setting).


Well, I figure to avoid any LotR's related movie delaying lawsuits, there isn't much chance that the movie will have a Halfling in it (unless it is a kender or an Eberron Halfling), so a gnome seems likely as a substitute. Dark elves seem good to get elves in there without risking any legal issues (although I think Hasbro would win this one).

Vecna is a good bad guy, but I figure they will emphasize dragons (I could see a metallic and a chromatic making an appearance). I would say Tiamat would be the best big bad from a cinematic standpoint, but they might be building up to it.

You could get away with a Faerunian Telepathic Ghostwise Halfling.

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