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D&D Movie/TV New D&D movie details? Vecna?!

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Shane "Shane Plays" Stacks
"We'll also note that the new Dungeons & Dragons movie seems to be much more willing to incorporate lore from the source material, which was a major reason the 2000 Dungeons & Dragons movie flopped among D&D fans."

I've never heard that cited as a reason by anyone I know, but I guess?


Well, I figure to avoid any LotR's related movie delaying lawsuits, there isn't much chance that the movie will have a Halfling in it
Not too sure of this. They couldn't use hobbit but halfling should be okay legal wise. Thats why D&D changed from hobbits to halflings in the first place. Otherwise they could be sued for orcs, dwarf, elf, and maybe (silly as it seems) man.
I could easily imagine LotR fans but non-D&Ders voicing complaints though.

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