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D&D 5E New D&D WotC survey asks if you read ENWORLD!


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
You need to photoshop Morrus' head on that picture. ;)


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Thank you for the heads up on the survey. I was pleased to see EnWorld is really the only message board specifically they mention (Reddit is only sort of a message board).

I got to promote my love of Greyhawk, which is nice. I got to mention I watch Treantmonk's Templle, which is nice.


Getting lost in fantasy maps
I put in Mystara among my 3 (with Greyhawk and Dark Sun), but regret not choosing Mystara as the top because Dark Sun does not need me rave about it, but Mystara does. I could have filled essays about “Why Mystara” like you and it needs to be said.


I typed in "Mystara" for one of the campaign settings, and then the next screen asked me to explain why I had listed it.

I hope the reader was ready for my response essay. I've been waiting years for someone at WotC to ask me "why Mystara?"
They finally included Mystara as an actual favorite setting choice, which makes me happy.
Sadly Nentir Vale was unlisted, but that would require WotC to acknowledge and engage the fact that 4e had good things come out of it.


Long survey. But that's fine. Not sure they will like the fact I'm spending 5 to 6 times the amount of money on 3rd party books then with their books...but third party is putting out more what I want, so.....

Took it, but they will likely find me boring. I do not play online or watch much online. I do not spend much in the last 6 months on books and how many ways can they ask me if I like shiny pictures in my books.

My first actual D&D anything I ever bought was Pool of Radiance for the NES (which actually was a pretty faithful implementation of 1e rules, as I would later learn).

I've been buying D&D tabletop materials since circa 1992 (the Black Box basic D&D set), played my first tabletop game in 1998 (2e AD&D), and played regularly and fervently until circa 2007, and intermittently since then as my career has often meant I haven't had time to game. . .only barely touched 5e and only slowly warming up to it. Still generally prefer 3x, but coming to like some 5e things, and a lot of the things I thought were "missing" in 5e I've found in Unearthed Arcana articles (a 3.x game with some 5e concepts built onto it could be really nice).

I've bought a few 5e materials (the core books, Xanathars's, and SCAG), but most of my D&D-related spending in the modern era is on those licensed Nolzur's miniatures.

The only things on their list of where I follow D&D online I could check was ENWorld and Reddit.

I'm probably not their typical or ideal customer, but I said my piece.


Amount of time spent as a DM? 100%

It was 96% for me. I joined a new group and got to play for 1 session. (Then one of the hosts got COVID, and then I had a potential exposure and had to bail, and the game has not yet resumed.)

Next year I'm hoping for a number in the single digits. This two-year campaign of mine is set to wrap up shortly.

For my part, I went with Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and Ravenloft. I wobbled over Planescape, Dragonlance, and Spelljammer. But really, I want the planes rather than Sigil, Spelljammer is of significantly less utility without destinations, and as for Dragonlance...the more I revisit the old books and gaming materials, the more I realize that getting it up to speed and rehabilitating the problematic elements would be a lot of work.