D&D 5E New WotC player survey, sort of.


my secret fighting dictionary is unbeatable
Wow, that is one of the worst-implemented and designed surveys I have ever seen. Giant icons that fill my entire screen and I have to scroll down to the 2-line question. Answer fields missing from some questions. The "next" button is to the left of the "back" button. SMH. Still, I'll fill out what I can.

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When they ask about videogames played in the last three months, I wonder if this may be a sign of possible partnerships with some videogame studio, or to desing some possible future D&D no-CRPG, for example some survival or a farming simulation.
D&D + Factorio (a game where you use magic nanotech to build a factory and eventually launch a spaceship in an inhospitable land full of giant bug-like monsters) = Dark Sun confirmed!


Probably extending the original one because they felt they didn't get enough responses?

If that's the case, they should consider splitting it up in some way. I imagine a fair few bailed after 5-15 minutes.


Some of the questions could have been better designed. Asking me if I played with my parents - who introduced me to it when I was a kid, ~30 years ago - before and during/after COVID seems a bit silly, because the answer is "before," but (I assume) that's not really what they were asking.

They asked about if you play with members of your family, and the reasons you like your favorite setting. I answered the homebred using elements from previous setting, for creative freedom and about that.

Maybe some videogame studio is working in Birthright.

My opinion is Planescape can return before Dark Sun because it needs less work for the "crunch" part, and even it can be a compilation of adventures.

My homebred idea is Vecna created a "New Sigil", even bigger than the original, with "arcologies" ( = super-skykripper buildings) with a little noir-punk touch, and zones are more post-apocalyptic, but also used to farm or cultivate urban vegetable gardens. In this New Sigil the faction war continues, but more "private". And there are demiplanes used as "spin-off" to gathering recourses. There are a (intermitente and moving) planar gate between the two Sigil, and the lady of the pain allows this because it is in a dangerous zone within the "Maze", working practically as a mortal trap for intruders, and not always it is in the same place for a long time.

Planescape is perfect for a new line of Magic: the Gathering. It is "classic" D&D but also with a very different touch, far of the standard fantasy.

I would bet after Baldurs' Gate III and DLCs the next title will be a Planescape 2.

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