New DM Screen Coming In September

It looks like we know what another of the four unnamed accessories coming this year are! As you may recall, the first turned out to be a book of character sheets; the second, it now transpires, is a new DM Screen coming out September 8th (likely the 19th for non-preferred stores' as that's the date they list for one of the unnamed accessories). This is listed as coming from WotC rather than Gale Force 9. WotC's Nathan Stewart revealed the screen, along with the following photograph -- "On sale at your FLGS Sept 8. That is the DM Screen Reincarnated" I've updated the D&D Release Schedule page accordingly.

The second image below (of Matt Mercer on a TV screen) shows the top edge of the new DM Screen. The third shows one side panel from the outside which displays Tyler Jacobson's art from Tyranny of Dragons.




The front panels feature Tyler Jacobson's red dragon from Tyranny of Dragons.



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Interesting. I finally bought the current one about 2 weeks ago. This one doesn't look to be that much different. I can make out the middle 2 panels, but not so much the other 2.

Conditions taking up more than their fair share because everybody likes those pictures. Which is fair, I guess. I'm happy to see the DC and damage tables on there. Along the same vein, I'd rather have the monster quick-stats by level table from the monster creation section of the DMG, and the XP calculator for it than the actions in combat. As an experienced DM, I'm much more likely to create an encounter on the fly than to forget how combat works.

That's the problem with published DM screens, everybody needs different stuff. The best thing to do is create your own. Maybe they could support that, somehow?

Short of a customizable screen, I suppose the best solution is a beginner's aid, since new DMs won't know where to start when it comes to making their own.

So it's FINE (guh). I GUESS


Zooming with MS Paint, from the right pannel:

*Description of area of effect (cone, cube, etc
*Actions in Comba: Attack, Cast a Spell, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Help, Hide, Dash.... can't figure last ones, but you get the point
*Can't figure out last column


*More conditions
*Setting a DC (Very Easy = 5, Easy = 10, etc)
*Tracking DC
*Damage by Level & Severity (in d10's)
*Object Hit Points
*Object Armor Class
*Skills x Abilities (Acrobatics = Dex, Animal Handling = Wisdom, etc)

*Can't figure out most of it...
*Light sources
*Food, Drink and Lodge
*Creature by Size

All in all... OK... It's not as complete as Fitz's, but I guess it'll have most of the important stuff. Since I just bought mine, I don't have the current DM Screen to compare.

However, the picture is great. I prefer a 4-pannel picture instead of the "center + sides" approach used for the campaigns.


Is it me or does that mug have to be gigantic for that screen to be remotely the right size?

I have that mug (though not in as nice condition. The decal got scratched after being washed in a sink with silverware). It's huge. Easily over a half litre of liquid in it.

This screen looks more crunchy and less fluffy than the previous screen (which isn't bad, though I can live with the fluffiness of it) but I can't say I really enjoy the new Player facing artwork. It doesn't have the feeling that a brave band of heroes fighting in the midst of the Dragon's hoard does.
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