New Evil Group: Darkness


First Post
This is the official post for OOC reference. There is a new evil group named "Darkness". Members will be known by having "dark" in front of their name. Dark_Defcarr, for example.

This is a group of evil characters, obviously, the immediate intent of the group at present is to wreak havoc to the extreme, without breaking the CoC of course. To kill and remove the possibility of resurrection by whatever physical means, or by stealing the soul of the character and taking it to realms where it cannot be retrieved, to store there for later use after a certain number is met.

Rumors are that a new Good group is forming, and that the Nuetral Adepts are returning. Thus the Balance strengthens once more. Perhaps one day when the Balance is strong and the lines between good, nuetral, and evil are strong with many in each category, the nearly forgotten Viyach Lemarg, a.k.a. the Viles, will return.

Any players wishing their character(s) to become a member of Darkness must speak with one of the players already involved, there are certain requirements the character must have.

Present members of Darkness include the following: Defcarr, Elektra, Mayu, Sasha, Milosh, Angelica, Siskon, Kipcha. Login names online will be updates with group name prefix soon.

Player of Defcarr.

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First Post
Name of group: Darkness
Characters currently in group (excluding the prefix "Dark" for each): Defcarr, Angelica, Siskon, Milosh, Sasha, Mayu, Kipcha.
Goal of group: To unify, spread, and purify Darkness, evil. To oppose the Good by killing them, reestablishing a Balance of Good vs Evil that has grown feint.
Any wishing to join Darkness will have to meet qualifications that will be given when asked for.
Point of contact: Defcarr's player
Have patience with some replies, player is in military so doesn't always have the time.


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