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EN World New GMs, players, read the first post in this thread! (updated 5/21)


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Jdvn1 said:
Looks like both of these are off-site. If so, I won't display them. Sorry.

This thread is for people looking for EN World games on EN World. If I accepted other games, it'd get too big, and it'd also be too big a responsibility me. If you decide to run some games on EN World, I'll be happy to post them.

I apologize. I was following the instructions in the sticky thread that specifically directed posting here regardless of where the game takes place.


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hafrogman said:
You're posting your general advertisements in the correct forum. It's just this thread is a private service, not run by ENWorld itself.
Gotcha. I'm removing my previous reply to cut down on clutter but just wanted to say thanks for clarifying it for me.



Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
No problem.

That's also a little dated... since then, the Gamers Seeking Gamers forum has acquired a Play By Post category... I'll see if I can get that cleared up.

For now, you can probably advertise your game in either forum. At least, until the situation gets cleared up. Thanks, by the way, for pointing that out. :)
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Also, I have now closed recruitment for my Dungeon Crawl Classics game, 'Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen.' I closed early due to a plethora of exellent submissions in a very short time period.

Player announcements are pending...

Amazing Triangle

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Well since you have it I might as well post into it. I am looking for a DnD game of 5th level or higher. I love to dm, 3 games right now, but everyone loves to play. Hope someone is recruiting or starting a game.


Halfling Quest

I am recruiting two players to take over two characters, we are midadventure so new characters aren't possible.

Ringly Softpetal - Wizard 1 (previously played by ender_wiggan) Taken over by Jdvn1
Kiylea Tangleweb - Ranger 1 (previously played by Tarlonniel)

Check out the OOC thread here.
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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Kishin said:
Mark of the Raven is all filled up and underway, so we're no longer recruiting. Thanks. :)

I forgot I wanted to try to get into that game. I'll have to wait for another Eberron game to come by. ;)


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Please add me to the "Players Looking For A Game" section as well.

I'm looking for a Jedi-centric Star Wars d20 game set during the Tales of the Jedi/Knights of the Old Republic era.


I'd like to DM a few games myself, but being as new to pbp as I am, I don't think I could do a game justice yet. The one game I am envolved in is incredibly slow-paced (as was said in the recruitment thread, so there are no suprises there), and I haven't even been part of a combat encounter yet.

So once I'm able to get my feet wet a little, and get a better feel for the boards, I'll be serving up a game or two myself. Until then, I guess I'm just a player looking for a simple one-shot adventure (or two) in order to get myself acclimated.