New Magic Item Proposed: Eye of the Dragon


Eye of the Dragon

This bronze, palm-sized disk has a ring-shaped carving around its face, depicting a dragon swallowing its own tail. At it’s center is set a large amber gem, resembling a reptilian eye. While grasping this medallion, the character can detect the unique auras surrounding dragons and their kin. This ability is limited to creatures with the “dragon” descriptor (including dragons, half-dragons, wyverns, etc.). The Eye’s user must concentrate to reveal the presence of these auras. The information revealed depends on how long the character spends focusing:

1st Round: Presence or absence of dragon auras in general.

2nd Round: Number of dragon auras in the area and the strength of the strongest dragon aura present. If the character using the item is not a Dragon, the strongest aura’s strength is "overwhelming" (see below), and the strength is at least twice the character's level (or HD), the character is stunned for 1 round and the Eye ceases to function until reactivated. While the character is stunned, the character can’t act, the character loses any Dexterity bonus to AC, and attackers gain +2 bonuses to attack the character.

3rd Round: The strength, location and specific type of each dragon aura. If an aura is outside the user's line of sight, then only the direction is known but not its exact location or distance.

The area of detection is a full circle emanating from the character out to a range of 1,000 feet. The strength of the dragon aura is determined by the HD of the dragon. The length in which the aura lingers depends on its original strength:

Strength ...............HD
Dim .....................Lingering aura
Faint ...................8 or less
Moderate .............9–16
Strong .................17–24
Overwhelming .......25+

- Lingering Aura’s Original Strength -
Aura Strength...........Duration
Faint .......................1d6 minutes
Moderate .................1d6 x 10 minutes
Strong .....................1d6 hours
Overwhelming ...........1d6 days

Note: The detection ability can penetrate barriers, but one foot of stone, one inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or three feet of wood or dirt blocks it.

Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, locate creature; Market Price: (that’s the question) gp; Weight:


Now, what might the value of this item be? I can't imagine it is the price suggested by the "ballpark" formula in the DMG. That would place it in the +100,000 gp range. I doubt it's worth that much.

So what then?

And any other suggestions while we are at it?

Thanx in advance,


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Looking at the 1st level spell, Detect Undead, I can't see this being much more powerful. I mean, undead are far more plentiful than dragons. I'd price this as a 1st level spell with no qualms, at 2000 gp for continuous use.



nameless said:
Looking at the 1st level spell, Detect Undead, I can't see this being much more powerful.

Well, except that the Detect spells are a 60-ft. radius quarter-circle. This device is based on Locate Creature and has a 1000-ft. range full-circle, and tracks their movement (like the spell as if cast by a 15th level caster). Not to mention it being able to detects the actual type of dragons in the area. Not an insignificant advantage.

nameless said:
I mean, undead are far more plentiful than dragons. I'd price this as a 1st level spell with no qualms, at 2000 gp for continuous use.

Wow, I wasn't even close to that. That was far more generous than I was going to go. Though I can't decide for the life of me, I would think it is worth at least 20k. Maybe more.

My doubts occured when I did the "DMG guestimation calculation" of 15 x 4 x 1,800 (Caster Level x Spell Level x Use Activated) which comes to 108,000. That doesn't even include the alignment detection add-ons tossed in to aid in determining specific dragon types.
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Tough choice, especially when comparing to other Wondrous Items in the DMG. 100,000gp will get you items that will control elemental creatures to manuals that permantly grant you +4 stat bonuses.

Looking at different Wondrous Items I saw Lantern of Revealing, a 30,000gp item, that allows purgeing of invasible creatures and items within 25ft.

I would price the item in the the 27,500gp to 28,000gp range.


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Oh, you're right. I didn't see the part about 1000 foot range. I still wouldn't put this past a 3rd or 4th level spell though (compare to Scry). 25k-30k seems fair, if only a little high based on the limited use.

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