D&D 5E New Monster Manual Cover

The 2025 Monster Manual cover has been unveiled!

From IGN, the cover of the 2025 Monster Manual!



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Craft homebrewer
Very interesting quote from the article (definitely worth a read, link in Jolly Ruby's post above) but I'm not sure the Alt cover is the cover best aimed at new players:

"That the mind flayer’s profile has been so greatly raised by its inclusion in Stranger Things and Baldur’s Gate 3 certainly didn’t hurt either. And while the team may not have specifically chosen to put an illithid front-and-center because of Larian’s acclaimed CRPG, it was definitely on their minds.

This made the Monster Manual alt cover art a way to entice gamers who are new to D&D.

“If you said 12 months ago ‘Have you heard of a mind flayer?’ I don’t think everybody would have, but now I think a lot of people do,” Herman said. “We wanted to put that out there as a ‘this is also the same game as Baldur’s Gate 3’ to help create that extra connection with fans that this is sort of the same thing.”

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Jedi Master
Thanks for the lineup pic @rules.mechanic ! That just sold me on the 3 alt covers. Absolutely stunning together.

The real choice I'll have to make is if I'm gonna also buy all 3 standard covers for day to day use, so I can keep these in pristine condition.

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