D&D 5E New Monster Manual Cover

The 2025 Monster Manual cover has been unveiled!

From IGN, the cover of the 2025 Monster Manual!



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I bet you could make a bunch of money with grocery store paper book covers with old school inspired art on them.
Oh hell yeah.

Of course, my old school books used to look pretty snazzy themselves ...

View attachment 1717695867542.jpeg

(not bad for 10th grade, I think)

I do have some old vinyl D&D book covers back from my 2E days that had had transparent pockets so you could put your own artwork into them. May just have to dig them out of storage to gussy up my current 5E books.

...Or maybe get someone to customize the cover directly, like those folks who do custom (re)paints of Magic cards.


Thanks for the lineup pic @rules.mechanic ! That just sold me on the 3 alt covers. Absolutely stunning together.

The real choice I'll have to make is if I'm gonna also buy all 3 standard covers for day to day use, so I can keep these in pristine condition.
Yeah, I might end up doing that and buying both sets.

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