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I think I like you better when your tired and cranky, you become more sensible.

Im inclined to agree with the overall idea that the revised fighter is very very weak.

In actual play testing, a normal fighter stomped it's butt right into the ground.
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I'm not sure if you're cranky at me Wardragon, but allow me to (somewhat belatedly) state my case:

Some time ago, I saw a post you made where you created a quick feat list for a standard fighter, essentially listing what you would take to make a combat-capable fighter. I fully admit that I had no idea how you did it, how those feats synergized, or why you picked them. Now, I'm still something of a novice, and I prefer casters, but I sort of get the impression that if I, using the much-heralded adaptablility of the fighter, couldn't put a good one together, then something's wrong.

Now, before I go any further, I should point out that I view all base classes as paragons of adaptablity: A fighter can be a sneak attacker, a mounted warrior, a two-weapon whirling dervish, an old-style sword and board crusader, or anything else. I further believe that the fighter should be able to hit things regularly at every level, and be able to take, say, two or three attacks from any monster of appropriate CR without flinching. I further believe that they should be able to do that with any weapon-historically, the spear was a pretty popular weapon, but I've only seen one fighter, of any level, built to use a spear. This indicates to me that something is wrong. Thus, to return to my original point, I think that the fighter, who is, like it or not, the 'bread and butter' of D&D, and generally the first character anyone plays (I know my first was a good ol' fashioned dwarven fighter) should be playable without consulting a hoard of books. I support powergaming (in as much as you're trying to get the most mileage out of a character), but I think that the fighter should be usable and useful right 'out of the box' so to speak. Maybe I'm 'dumbing it down' but simple is not stupid, nor is it useless.

As one more possible solution, how about a list of class features, say every four or five levels that fighters could take. I'm thinking more along the lines of pieces from PrCs like Dread Commando or Dervish or something of the like. Maybe this way we get customizablity and flexability without having to multiclass the poor fighter, and still keeping it simple. Just a thought.

P.S. Howdy to you too U_K! Thank you for the warm welcome!

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