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Ok... heres a class Ive been working on for a while...a 3.5 variation on the Shadowjack and Techno Mage themes. I was never quite satisfied with either and 3.5 needs to high tech classes for those who like playing in the modern era...but dont like wasting class levels on things like Strong, Fast, Tough, ect. (for some reason people keep wussing out fantasy modern stuff...I just dont get it personally). So heres a basic idea of what Im looking at for new/revised prestige classes.

If it needs any tweaks, please let me know. Criticize the hell out of it. that way I can make it better. :)

Also...let me know if any of the wording needs rearranged from a grammatical perspective...I really want to get this one right.


[Insert Fluff Here]


To qualify to become a Shibboleth, a character must fulfill the following criteria.

Skills: Computer Use 6 ranks, Craft (electronic) 6 ranks, Disable Device 6 ranks, Knowledge (arcane lore) 6 ranks, and Repair 6 ranks.
Spellcasting: Must be able to cast prepared spells.

Class Information

Shibboleth have the following game statistics.

Table: The Shibboleth Hit Die: d4
[b]            Base       Fort   Ref   Will
Level   Attack Bonus   Save   Save  Save   Special                     Spellcasting[/b]
  1          +0         +0     +0    +2    Read/write code             +1 level of existing class
  2          +1         +0     +0    +3    Spellfiles                  +1 level of existing class
  3          +1         +1     +1    +3    Online presence             +1 level of existing class
  4          +2         +1     +1    +4    Create digital homunculus   +1 level of existing class
  5          +2         +1     +1    +4    Program spell               +1 level of existing class
  6          +3         +2     +2    +5    Shibboleth abilities        +1 level of existing class
  7          +3         +2     +2    +5    Shibboleth abilities        +1 level of existing class
  8          +4         +2     +2    +6    Shibboleth abilities        +1 level of existing class
  9          +4         +3     +3    +6    Shibboleth abilities        +1 level of existing class
 10          +5         +3     +3    +7    Online spellcasting         +1 level of existing class
Class Skills (2 + Intelligence modifier per level): Computer Use, Concentration, Craft (electronic, writing), Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Gamble, Gather Information, Intimidate, Investigate, Knowledge (arcana, history, technology), Profession, Read/Write Language, Repair, Research, Search, Speak Language, Spellcraft.

Class Features

All of the following are the prestige class features of the Shibboleth.

Read/Write Code (Ex): At 1st level, the Shibboleth can understand both the nature of raw computer code and what the program is intended to accomplish when implemented. On a successful Decipher Script check (DC 10 + Computer Use skill modifier of the code's author), the Shibboleth can determine both the function of the program and any bugs or potential weak points in the design. If weak points are found, the Shibboleth gains a +2 insight bonus on Computer Use checks attempting to degrade the program.

Spellfiles (Ex): At 2nd level, the Shibboleth acquires the ability to utilize spellfiles as an additional alternative medium to record spells. As with any ordinary medium, such as the more prevalent spellbook, the Shibboleth must study his spellfiles each day to prepare his spells. The Shibboleth can't prepare any spell not recorded in his spellfiles (except for read magic, which the Shibboleth can prepare from memory, and any spell from any alternative mediums available to the Shibboleth). The Shibboleth can add spells found in other Shibboleths' spellfiles or spellcaster's spellbooks, provided the spells in question are of a variety normally available to the Shibboleth. (The more traditional spellcasters may use spells found in the files of Shibboleths.)
A set of spellfiles is usually put into a notebook or desktop computer, or a PDA. Occasionally they are put on a secure website to allow access by cell phone or satellite phone. Backup files are a must, and are usually kept in another location (such as a safety deposit box). Hard copy is also used for storage of spellfiles, sometimes bound in spellbooks.

Online Presence (Ex): At 3rd level, when attempting to use a Charisma-based skill such a Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, or Gather Information in an online situation, the Shibboleth adds any Shibboleth levels as a circumstance bonus.

Create Digital Homunculus (Ex): At 4th level, the Shibboleth can create a digital homunculus. Creating a digital homunculus requires appropriate equipment worth 2,500 gp. The materials used are consumed in the creation of the digital homunculus. In addition, the creation of a digital homunculus requires a pint of the Shibboleth's blood. It takes a week to create a digital homunculus. During this time the Shibboleth must labor for 8 hours a day. A character not actively working on the ritual must perform no other activities except eating, sleeping, or talking. If he misses a day, the process fails, and the ritual must begin anew. At the end of the period, the Shibboleth makes a Craft (electronic) skill check (DC 20). A failure indicates loss of the subject (requiring the Shibboleth to begin again) but no other penalty. The Shibboleth may create any number of digital homunculi. However, when a digital homunculi perishes, its death deals 2d10 points of damage to the Shibboleth, so caution is usually the by-word in digital homunculus creation.

Program Spell (Sp): At 5th level, the Shibboleth may insert a spell within a particular analog or digital device, such that by touching a key (or flicking a switch), the spell activates. All variables of the spell are set at the time of casting. Casting a spell takes the normal amount of time; discharging a programmed spell is an attack action.

Shibboleth Abilities (Ex): At 6th level, the Shibboleth gains the following abilities:

- Electronic Empathy: The Shibboleth gains a +2 competence bonus when repairing or disabling electronic devices. This is in addition to any synergy bonuses for related skills.

- Careful Progress: When the Shibboleth attempts to defeat computer security, the administrator is alerted only if the Shibboleth fails his Computer Use check by 10 or more.

At 7th level, the Shibboleth gains the following abilities:

- False Trail: When covering his electronically tracks through the internet, the Shibboleth can lay in a false trail. With a successful DC 25 Computer Use check, the Shibboleth imposes a –5 penalty on any attempt to trace him (as described in the Defend Security function of the Computer Use skill). If the trace fails by 10 or more points, the tracker follows the Shibboleth’s false trail to an innocent internet address. If the trace fails by less than 10 points, the tracker realizes the trail is bogus and gives up.

- Install Backdoor: After successfully breaking into a specific computer system, the Shibboleth can install a “backdoor” to the system. A backdoor is a piece of code that makes it easier for the Shibboleth to break into that particular system in the future. Writing and installing the program requires a Computer Use check (see chart below), but once successfully installed it automatically defeats that systems’ security upon return trips—the Shibboleth no longer needs to make Computer Use checks to enter that system.

Level of Security DC
Minimum 25
Average 30
Exceptional 40
Maximum 45

It is important to keep backdoors hidden from the system administrator, who will always be on the lookout for such invasions. A backdoor automatically allows the Shibboleth entrance to a particular system, but every time he uses it he must make an opposed Computer Use check against the administrator. Failure means the backdoor is discovered and will be deleted before the next time the Shibboleth returns.

At 8th level, the Shibboleth gains the following abilities:

- Online Spell Resistance: The Shibboleth becomes harder to hurt by spells and spell-like abilities sent through email and electronic devices, including the Shibboleth's online spellcasting ability as well as magical items which use electronic components. The Shibboleth gains Spell Resistance equal to 10 + his Shibboleth levels.

- Improved Degradation: The Shibboleth's attempts to alter and degrade existing programming get more insidious. The degradation is installed as normal (as described in the Degrade Programming function of the Computer Use skill). However, unless the Computer Use check to fix the degraded program exceeds the DC by 5, the degradation returns within 6 hours—this happens automatically, the Shibboleth does not have to make a second check.

At 9th level, the Shibboleth gains the following abilities:

- Passfirewall: When the Shibboleth attempts to defeat computer security, the administrator is alerted only if the Shibboleth rolls a 1 on his Computer Use check.

- Walking Database: The Shibboleth gains the supernatural ability to recall vast amounts of information gleaned while traveling through cyberspace. He may substitute his Computer Use skill for any Knowledge skill.

Online Casting (Sp): At 10th level, the Shibboleth can cast spells through electronic devices, including cameras, cell phones, and modems. If the spell requires the caster to be seen, then the target must see the caster, if it requires the caster to be heard, then the target must be able to hear the caster. Range is determined from the caster to the pick-up device (camera, keyboard, etc.) and then from the device to its target. The space between keyboard and monitor, or camera and screen, is not considered. The Shibboleth must be able to see or otherwise be able to determine the location of his target (“person at the keyboard” is a suitable target). Spells cast online are less effective, such that the target gets a +4 circumstance bonus on saving throws.
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Hey dante mate! :)

I hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread a little...? :uhoh:

What sort of Prestige Classes would people like to see in future Immortals Handbook products?

Someone asked a few days ago would I have Prestige Classes for Sidereals or Eternals. I wasn't too sure thats what people were after, but I am interested to hear anyones thoughts.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Dante, it is much more pleasing on the eye to type it all it using notepad, properly spaced and wrapped in the code tags.

Edit: Class table deleted

To add this to your original post, hit quote, then copy the coded area. Next edit your original post and delete the class table mess you have there and paste the coded stuff. Voila! Nice easy to read coded class table.
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How do you do that? I dont know much about computers. Ironic since I love mixing magic with tech.
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Dog Moon

dante58701 said:
How do you do that? I dont know much about computers.

I believe the way to do it is to put [ code ] at the beginning of what you want within that area as Fru did above and then [ /code ] to end it. [Note: there shouldn't be spaces within the brackets, but I put them there so you could see what to do]

It's not necessarily at an obvious spot, but this page has proved useful for me: Codes


Hrm. Portfolios are, in a manner of speaking, the divine PrCs already... that said, a couple of traditional PrCs could be fun anyway. Perhaps an "Ancient" PrC? Something like harnessing your own age for greater power. "Forgotten" could provide a unique progression for beings imprisoned for ages, leaking quintessence as they go, with perhaps interesting ramifications to that process (I'm thinking OotS's Banjhulu here).

Well, I haven't seen a very good Chronomancer class. They are certainly out there, but most seem either lacking in style/effectiveness or are more broken than words can describe.

I definitely like the "ancient" class idea. It could be really cool if it had an interesting, workable mechanic.


First Post
I agree with both the chronmancer class and the god slayer class would be good. I belive that at one point you were planning prestige classes for some of the god in ascension but decided aganst it for time and space issues, now that gods and monsters is a seperate book that might hold a place to include them? A prestige class based around each of the First ones would be good. How about for an eternal level of prestige class one based around world building and creating life? Or one that tries to emulate the supreme being?

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