New SCAG Info: Someone Got The Book

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide hits preferred stores tomorrow (and everywhere else in a couple of weeks). However, some stores have jumped the gun - which only benefits us, as folks on social media are telling us all about it! Below is a compilation of that information. I'm sure come tomorrow, the amount of information on the book will increase dramatically.


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Thread is here, Gnunn and others are answering questions about it:

The info:

I'am trying to compile the answers here by those who have new information. The answers do not represent me in anyway I'am just passing on the information.

Q: Name all the subclasses (submitted by me)


Not really interested in spoiling all of the specifics, but here's what I noticed to be new at first glance:
Gray Dwaves (Duergar)
Ghostwise Halflings
Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin) -- also provides a new feat "Svirfneblin Magic" (same as EE)
Half-Elf Variants
Tiefling Variants

Classes (only new class options, not new classes):
Barbarian - Path of the Battlerager, new Totem Spirits
Bard - New musical instruments
Cleric - Arcana Domain
Fighter - Purple Dragon Knight
Monk - Way of the Long Death, Way of the Sun Soul
Paladin - Oath of the Crown
Ranger - Several paragraphs that amount to nothing
Rogue - Mastermind Swashbuckler
Sorcerer - Storm Sorcery
Warlock - The Undying
Wizard - Bladesinging

New cantrips for sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards
Booming blade, green-flame blade, lightning lure, sword burst.

City Watch
Clan Crafter
Cloistered Scholar
Faction Agent
Far Traveler
Knight of the Order
Mercenary Veteran
Urban Bounty Hunter
Uthgardt Tribe Member
Waterdhavian Noble
This only covers about 50 pages of the almost 160 page book. There's a TON of info on the Sword Coast itself. I'm sure DMs who already have the book are salivating at the moment.

Q: No Bard, Ranger or Druid subclasses?

There are new bard colleges. I only listed non-flavor changes (in my opinion at least each one is paired with an existing class option so nothing new in terms of mechanics.

-Q2: Wait WHAT? So the Bard Colleges AND Druid Circles don't list fully new subclasses that offer new mechanics to that class? And no "spell-less" Ranger variant or anything?

Correct on all accounts.

Q: Monk Subclasses specifics

Sun Soul gives the monk methods of dealing radiant damage. Burning hands makes an appearance as well.It seems almost too obvious, but all of the Long Death abilities are triggered by death in some way - either yours or an enemy.

Q: Warlock the Undying

Hard to explain. It's Lich-like, but not undead it seems.

Q: Paladin Oath of the Crown

The new paladin oath is a straight up tank. They seem to have added a ton more detail for the paladin codes. Too much to go into here.

Q: Fighter Purple Dragon Knight

A:Party buffs/heals. Would be a good party leader out of combat as well.

How do the Half elf and tiefling variants work?

Tiefling variants are pretty different. I'm not next to my book currently, but I believe there were three options. Half elf replaced the half elf skill dealy with a selection from the elf half. Like Drow magic replacing the skill selection for example.

Q: What does it say about Aasimar?

A: It basically just says, "See the DMG.

(I guess that makes Eldarin valid as well)

Edit 1: Did some cleaning, added cantrips and explanation that is not me giving the answers.

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Oh the Mulhorand Archwizard Nezram the World Walker, who was old before the spellplague, and who blamed High Imaskar unfairly for Mulhorand's fall, helped the Mulhorand Gods over throw the Imaskari.

I think Nezram is one of the coolest Archmages in the realms, and not really Mortal anymore.

Tcarzzar the Undying's latest incarnation (he's become like the Mulhorand Gods and Gilgeam it seems), rules in Erosobe in Chessenta. Another Chessenta city, Lutheq or something like that is ruled by a strange deity called Entropy.

So the Gods are not silent anymore, but they're quiet instead, dumping most of thier Chosen in exchange for more sublte signs of thier wishes mostly. The exception appears to be the Old Empires (Mulhorand, Unther, Chessenta) , where the Gods don't do Sutble, they are loudly in charge of much of it directly via possessed Chosen rulers. This most really change the vibe of religion in that region.

Oh and Vaasa is still ruled by Warlock Knights from 4e.

Ra and Horus are seperate beings, the Mulhorand Gods side bar doesn't mention all the Gods of Mulhorand, such as Sobek, but he's mentioned in the Tiefling section, so its likely thier all back.

Some deities are left out, but it does mention in addition to the Faerun Pantheon they're is racial pantheons, and local powers and divinities as well as forgiegn Gods worshipped (like Zakhara Gods and Kara-Tur both of which have thier own Gods). Monster Pantheons are listed, only player race Pantheons listed (Drow, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Orc). Dragonborn never really followed the Dragon Pantheon, because they have a bad history with Dragons, so its no surprise that the Dragon Pantheon isn't listed. Tieflings outside Mulhorand worship a mix of more forgiving Tiefling friendly Gods, Gods that share common Tiefling Interests including Gods of War, and of course Asmodeaus, demons, and devils.

The really cool part (and why Tiefling religion is my favourite racial religion part), is that Tieflings have been recieving visions of Tieflingfied Gods, like a Tiefling Tymora and Selune for example with special mames for them.

It makes wonder if Evil Aasimar get visions of Aasimar looking Evil Gods like Bane, Lovitar, Malar, Besheba and Talona for example. Actually I could really see Asmodeaus doing that, appearing as an Angel of Light to an Aasimar worshipper hehehe.

I finally got a look at the SCAG, and here is what I noticed.

First since I've seen people ask about the Barbarian's Tiger spirit, its gives a jumping bonus while raging, two bonus skills out of a selection of four (I only remember Athletics and Acobatics), and the big daddy, if you move in a straight line over 20 feet and attack, you can make a bonus attack as a bonus action, basically a humaniod verison of pounce. I really like it. I didn't have time to catch Elk.

I focused more on the fluff.

Mulhorand is not back from Abier, more like back to the future (or past). The Mulhorandi lead a second revolt against the High Imaskari, drove them into the purple desert and to safehavens in other planes (Shadowfell and Feywild? Ethereal plane? Elemental? Outer? Astral? it doesn't say which planes).

The Mulhorand Divine Incarnations sound like Chosen whose power is to be possessed by the full might of they're Gods (same with Gilgeam in Unther), they're host "Chosen" is are either Human, Aasimar, or Tiefling (which likely makes these the most powerful and respected Tieflings in the realms).

The Mulhorand section reads like its writtem by someone who works for the propoganda branch of the Mulhorand Government. The Mulhorand gods reincarnated into the Mulhorandi population, beat the stuffing out of the Imaskri like they did thousands of years previously, but this time they eliminated slavery (of course the High Imaskari already did this, but apparently they're rule was somehow like slavery, aside from some religious freedom suppression I guess, and they had to deal with the High Imaskari secret police so I sort of see it, or at least I can see how the Mulhorandi buy into it).

The Tiefling section has abit more like how Mulhorand Tiefling last name, like all desendants of the gods, have Sia or Zai added to the thier Ancestor God's name, examples given are Sia'sobek and Zai'Anhur (Anhur was Chaotic Good, why does he have Aasimar desendants? It actually makes sense in a minute).

The Mulhorand Gods are one big happy family, well not so happy, but they're united in ruling Mulhorand as Pharos, so Set is back in as a member of the ruling family, no longer an outsider within the Pantheon. They all rule it together (I sure Sharess, aka Bast, aka the Foe of Set is thrilled they one big happy family again).

Mulhorand is focused on protecting they're returned turf.

Unther is back and its pissed off, it was subjagated by other beings, until Gilgeam reborn lead a revolt in Abier to free his people, and on the cusp of William Wallace's, er I mean Gilgeam's last battle for FREEEEEEDOM, Unther was teleported back to Faerun where, wait for it...Tymanther IS STILL THERE, that's right, Tymanther did not go back to Abier.

So the Unther Tymanther war happened, the Dragonborn it appears where one of the beings were dominated the the Untherites, and Tymanther shrunk to a much smaller, place on the coasts. Its fortified its position so it isn't going anywhere, and the Untherite Navy is kept at bay by a strange beast in Tymanther's waters.

Tymanther isn't the only 4e survivor, Najara, Elf Harrows, Air Spur (what's left of the Akanul Genasi Empire, its now just one of many Chessenta City States, and but it still floats unlike other motes), Eltgurd, possibly a few I'm not thinking of.

Evermeet is cooler then ever, if abit confusing by what it means by existing in three planes, it almost sounds like its comingled with the Feywild and Avandor Eberron style.

Alot of peoples that returned from Abier seemdd scarred by thier time in Abier, possible exception Halruu which did it on purpose, displacing part of Abier to the Shadow Plane (I assume the Shadow Planes inhabitants, were returned to Abier, no doubt becoming creeper for the experience like the Shades).

A lot of the fluff parts of the book need to be taken with a grain of salt, as there are a lot of unreliable, (slightly) misinformed, and (somewhat) biased narrators. Since Mulhorand is so far from the Sword Coast, what reports or information that trickles west may be quite different than what it's really like there. Or, then again, maybe that is what it's really like there - it's not uncommon for even enemies to get along in the first flush of victory, only to see the quarrels and backstabbing start soon after (no doubt Set will instigate something sooner rather than later...)

Najara is actually of 3e vintage, having premiered in 2004's Serpent Kingdoms.

Oh, in regards to your other post, Luthcheq has worshiped Entropy all the way from 2e times - it's a very weird and creepy city.
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No, I understand it just fine. I'm simply pointing out that the stuff you lose for going with Bladesinger vs. another Wizard type isn't what I consider a big hit in most circumstances. With the right character concept, I would even go so far as to say that the stuff that you guys are clinging so tightly to is far inferior in many respects to what you would gain with Bladesinging, especially since my earlier comments were lacking the knowledge that starting at level 10 the Bladesinger can dump spell slots for damage mitigation (Seriously ?!?).

Trying hard to figure out the best way to handle this as Shield is also a Reaction. Do you hide the to-hit total from the player hoping to draw a spell slot with Shield use or do you announce all of your to-hit totals and give them a leg up on picking the perfect method to deal with each attack as it comes in?

How y'all aren't seeing what I see is pretty confusing to me, but we obviously have completely different priorities in terms of game balance.

It sounds to me like you have high stats in your games.

My idea of balance is the standard array or standard point buy.

A Bladesinger with ridiculous stats will be very good. Otherwise they are a standard MAD class that must sacrifice in other areas to slowly invest in those stats.


One interesting thing is how they dealt with the Gods they did write ups for, many of the evil Gods have a less evil spin among regular folks, with Asmodeaus beings the most jaw dropping as the God of Indulgence, like folks will pray to him for forgiveness for thier sins, wish fulfilment, to hide stuff from other gods, ect...and not just in exchange for ones soul either, I guess since he benifits from worship as well as Souls, lesser gifts don't cost your soul anymore, just some praying, or at leasts that's what it sounds like.

Serious he sounds like a cross between Jesus, Pan, and a Genie who has a side job as the devil he doesn't like to talk about.

I could totally see a Good Priest of Asmodeaus as weird as that sounds, Bane too, especially in Eltgurd oddly.

I like this kind of take, and --if you read Elminster's FR-- it's what Ed envisioned too. Evil gods and their followers (well, most of them. Then you have deities like Lolth...) *don't* go ''evulz is kewl, I kick puppies for the lulz'', because no one with half a brain, save for people with severe problems, would dedicate themselves to such a religion. Their followers base would be narrowed by such a behaviour, they would get swiftly crushed or driven away from any civilized society, because they would be nothing but a harmful annoyance that needs to be eradicated. They have to show that they can offer something (and no, ''powahhh'' won't do, because most people don't have the tools to use such magic, wouldn't probably even think of it, and those who do can choose deities that don't have a nonsensical dogma), that they have a place in a functioning society, in order to survive.


The mainstream (not evil cult) interuptation of Cyric is interesting too, basically he's the God of Libertarianism, especially in Amn. All individualism, capitalism, self suficieny, ambition.


No, I understand it just fine. I'm simply pointing out that the stuff you lose for going with Bladesinger vs. another Wizard type isn't what I consider a big hit in most circumstances. With the right character concept, I would even go so far as to say that the stuff that you guys are clinging so tightly to is far inferior in many respects to what you would gain with Bladesinging, especially since my earlier comments were lacking the knowledge that starting at level 10 the Bladesinger can dump spell slots for damage mitigation (Seriously ?!?).
What is it you see the bladesinger getting? I honestly fail to see anything beyond being hit less and taking less damage. So you trade being a better wizard all the time for taking less damage once in a while.
How y'all aren't seeing what I see is pretty confusing to me, but we obviously have completely different priorities in terms of game balance.
Indeed. I'd have the evoker who can throw fireballs at the fronline completely un-scathing his allies but temprarily drops to 0 for a round or two in the third fight when his allies could not hold the frontline over the bladesinger who was scorching his allies all three battles even if he was missed / migated all damage to himself the two rounds he was forced into melee the third battle.

Honestly after finally seeing the bladesinger in full, I am completly over my disappointment of it being elf-only since the class as a whole is a disappointment to me and I am no longer interested in playing it even if AL would allow human bladesingers.

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