New Spells and Abilities with regards to Leveling Up...

aramis erak

I'm in a campaign that has specific rules regarding new abilities and spells when leveling up. Our DM requires PCs to get the aid of a teacher/master/guild in a large city to gain any new spells or abilities. This is causing a problem because within the current campaign our group will not have access to a city for quite some time.I was just wondering if anyone else handles leveling up a certain way? Any particular rules that are unique?

That's actually a standard option from the DMG. (page 131.) Albeit a kinder version... I require my home game to pay for and undergo training... 10 days and 20gp per tier, as per the DMG optional rule. And I'm stingy with the gold and magic.
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Yes but again, the issue is, his campaign is ready made. That kind of stipulation isn't part of the plan. He would have to remake the geography to accomodate. Or drastically change the storyline.

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