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D&D 5E New survey from WotC about boxed sets


I just couldn't see the questions like that. I couldn't determine whether the question about adventures with a strong iconic D&D feel (I can't recall the phrasing) were intended to be primarily focused on "Do you want adventures in the box?" or "How important is it that the adventures in the box present a strong iconic D&D feel?" However, the overall impression I got from the survey is that they were going for the second.

I kept looking at the whole of the questions they were asking, and here's what I could see behind it.

-These boxes will be primarily focused around an adventure or set of adventures.
-They may include any or all of the following supplemental aids:
--cards with spells and such

The real questions then are:
Question 1: "Is it important to you that the adventure or adventures present a strongly iconic feel for both the game and the setting? Or would you be cool if we reinvented things for a modern audience?"
Question 2: "Which of those supplemental toys would you most like to see come with the adventure?"

Now, I could be wrong...but I'm probably not. (And if I'm right, the way they presented the questions about adventures is problematic, because I put it neither important nor unimportant on the basis of not needing adventures in the box, but if they meant (as they probably did) whether I cared if the adventures stuck with D&D feel of went outside of the box (heh), then they got entirely the wrong answer from me, because I would have said it was Very Important that they stick with D&D feel. And if they instead just wanted to know how important it is that a Greyhawk adventure feels strongly like it's Greyhawk, rather than just feeling like it's D&D with Greyhawk names (which is another possibility) then I would have been back to a middle range answer.

The focus of the question wasn't *adventures* it was *campaign setting material*. The only question about a potential adventure was whether one would want an adventure to demonstrate a specific campaign setting. The exact wording from the survey is "A campaign or adventures that capture the flavor of a D&D setting." That is, like "Krenko's Way" from Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, available independently on the DMsGuild incidentally. The product in question is pretty clearly a campaign setting product, with a potential adventure component as a possibility.
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They do that for two reasons:

1) it’s more visible on the store shelf

2) you can put your own stuff in it too

Number 2 is one of the main reasons I like the boxed set format.

My 2nd edition boxed sets are always full to the brim with extra sourcebooks, character sheets for the current campaign, extra maps, etc.

I actually overdid it with the Birthright main box....who'da thunk putting in 5 extra books in the box would cause the sides to split?


I'll just say that tieflings and dragonborn were both in 4e. For the former they just said they were fiend-worshippers who got mutated (which doesn't make any sense if you know about Dark Sun). They can be cut.

The dragonborn however were just reskinned Dray, so for them they should just undo that, and make Dray a Dragonborn subrace specific to Dark Sun (Dray originally looked much thinner than Dragonborn).

Same with how Half-Giants were reskinned to be Goliath. They should revert Half-Giants into their own subrace of goliath to make them Dark Sun specific.

Regarding 4E. I'm gonna quote Dwarven Tavern here and say: "We....we don't talk about that..."

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