D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED

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The lair action is instigated on initiative 20, but takes effect whenever Vecna takes damage.
So I am referring to the Enervation lair action from the 20th level Vecna adventure (and if that's not what your using, just ignore everything I'm about to say).

It makes Vecna cast enervation at 7th level on the lair's initiative, and the effect lasts until the next lair action (unlike normal enervation. so that would mean:
  • I make an immediate dex save on the lair action and take 6d8 damage (or 4d8 on a successful save).
  • If I failed the save, Vecna can as an action deal another 6d8 damage (assuming we haven't ever moved out of range or line of sight of each other. I really doubt Vecna would ever use this action considering all the tools in his belt....but its an option.
And Vecna heals half the damage dealt. There is no trigger about Vecna taking damage to key in the effect.


The High Aldwin
Vyrlim uses the Lay on Hands ability- 100 hp to Ezzy "Interupt this shade!" I'd move but I dont think I can bypass the symbol I know is lurking somewhere right in front of us.
Did you want to do anything with your bonus action?

Since Ezabard communicated to the team where all the symbols are, can we turn them back on for convenience?
Ah.. no, not quite.

Knowing where they are yourself and communicating there are bunch out there--fine.

Actually telling everyone the location of several magical traps at the end of your turn when you

Without Ezabard, the PCs will know there are more traps, and they do know about the symbol at the entrance, but that is it.
With Ezabard, he will recall the exact location of each spell via his INT 20.

Voidrunner's Codex

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