D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED


The High Aldwin
4.4.12 (Ezabard the Non-Zombie!) Seeing premonitions of his doom, Ezabard unleashes his most powerful magic, the MIGHTY meteor swarm in the hopes that it will be too strong for Vecna to stop!

Vecna utters a dread word at Ezabard, and the spell is interrupted (Roll 16+6=22 vs DC 19 Intelligence check), taking 4 psychic damage as his spell is foiled.

He then begins to cry tears of desperation, knowing even his greatest magic was no match for the dreaded archlich!


It is now Vecna's Turn on Initiative 12.

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The High Aldwin
4.4.12 (Vecna's Turn) Venca sneers at the disheartened gnome and necrotic magic once again engulfs him and Ezabard takes 94 necrotic damage, collapsing to the ground! (fails Roll using the just gained *inspiration point 11,9+8+1 (bless???)=20 vs DC 22 CON save)


Leaning over the gnome, Vecna stabs him twice with Afterthought (Rolls 18,18+13=31 and 15,13+13=28 vs. AC 14), causing 4 failed death saves and slaying the gnome!

Ok, this time I think Ezabard is actually dead...

Vecna then teleports next to the north statue, and Selossen, Vyrlim, and Pyre each take 11 psychic damage.

UDPATE: Selossen automatically makes the DC 10 Concentraction check to keep bless active (DC 10 vs. +11 modifier, min 12).


@Smythe the Bard it is now Vyrlim's Turn on Initiative 2.
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The High Aldwin
He is blessed, did you roll a 1?
Yep. But I think the bless was dispelled earlier. I can't remember if it was before or after Vecna cast dispel magic on Ezabard and didn't feel like digging through the thread for it.

If the bless had rolled high enough, I would have checked--but as it is, it didn't matter. :(

"You killed Ezzy, you medieval
ik-weed!" Yells Vyrlim with a strange feeling of deja vu. "Whoa, deja vu." "Prepare for some most excellent righteous fury dude!" and as an action Vyrlim unleashes his Holy Nimbus over everyone.

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