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Kickstarter [Nightfall Games] The Terminator RPG: T2 Judgment Day, is now LIVE on Kickstarter!


Garry Harper

The Terminator RPG: T2 Judgment Day, is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

It should have ended with the destruction of the T-800. The future was saved, or was it? Did we just delay the inevitable? Did we fail? Perhaps there’s no fate but what we make.

The 'Terminator 2, Judgment Day' source book features 200 pages of all new content including:
  • T-1000s and all all-new, never seen before Terminator variants and hardware.
  • Playable Terminators reprogrammed to fight for the Human Resistance - just like in the T2 movie. Machine fighting machine.
  • The Time Dispacement Commandos (TDC), the Resistance's elite troops sent backwards and forward in time to disrupt Skynet's plans through time.
  • Enter the 1990s, those critical 7 years before the hammer falls on humanity. The last chance to stop the development of Skynet.
  • Play in any time zone - including the 1980s and future war.
  • Face the challenges of the Future War, whether they be mechanical, animal, human, microbial, chemical, hybrid or liquid metal.
  • Featuring all the main characters from the movie, such as Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Miles Dyson, and the T-800 "Uncle Bob" - providing a wealth of new playable options and all new NPCs,
  • Advanced hacking rules
  • The rulebook includes the mission pack, enabling you to relive 'Terminator 2, Judgment Day' movie and to join the fight to bring down Skynet in a not-so-distant future war.
More than a game - 'The Terminator RPG' book series is not just a role-playing game—it's a series of sourcebooks for the first two Terminator films and their expanded universe.


In ‘The Terminator RPG’, you were The Resistance, fighters struggling against Terminators sent back in time to ensure the rise of the nuclear singularity. But It's all different now.

In Terminator 2, the resistance has grown bolder and the battle lines between humanity and the machines are getting blurred. Now the Resistance is reprogramming T-800s and sending them back to guard key assets. But Skynet is not prepared to go quietly into the night and with new advances in polymimetic alloy is ever evolving its arsenal and its strategies. Will humanity be able to stop its ascension or will it triumph in a Judgement Day more thorough than ever imagined.

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