D&D 5E No One Plays High Level?


Doing the best imitation of myself
As far as the paladin goes, I think they are one of the most effective classes as soon as they get smite. Recent campaigns have had the paladin always at the top of damage dealing characters. We just did a recent chapter ending boss battle against a beholder. We had one round to do our worst before the beholder went active on us. So I put fly on the paladin, they flew right up to the beholder and ... nat 20. Over 100 damage. This dramatically turned the battle from one where I didn't know if we would make it to one where we were just waiting it out. Now that was a lucky roll of course (our paladin has elven accuracy but that didn't kick in) but that's how paladins work: they do decent damage and then on a crit, things explode. And getting advantage (or elven accuracy the super-secret triple advantage) makes that happen about once every other fight or so.

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