North Carolina Game Day -- THE AWESOME AFTERMATH!!!!


Ah, well - there will be other days to bring down the Emperor...

Sounds great! Quick Questions to Mulkhoran or Rel...

Anyone prepared name badges? If not, I can pick up some write-ins.

Could either of you please e-mail me a cell phone contact number to so I can find one of you in an emergency?

Is there anything needed for me to bring other than my awesome self and my 733t skillz?

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Henry, Mulkhoran and I are hopefully going to get together for a while this afternoon to run through any last minute concerns. I was going to mention the "Name Tag" thing then. If you have some or could easily lay your hands on some, that would be great. If I haven't heard from you about this by this afternoon, I'll go ahead and pick some up.

I'll e-mail you my phone number. Anybody else who wants to be able to contact me via phone can e-mail me as well.


I just got your e-mail and I don't think there will be any major problems with the time change from either my or DMsGirl. And of course, Talley doesn't care either as long as we leave by 9.

Just another bump in disguise. ;)


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A turribul thing, I have done! Only 4 hours for the morning games, there were! So unfair! So insane!

I've adjusted the schedule, thanks to Rel/Scott for pointing this out to me today. I'll also be pushing an email out to Henry's folks, unless he wants to do that. Also, Henry, if you wanna grab some stuff we can use for nametags, that would be great.


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Well, as best I can tell, all the details are ironed out. That means of course that it is the things as yet unnoticed that will really spell trouble.

I just hope I don't do something really stupid like forget the adventure I'm running or something like that.

I'll see everybody there bright and early!


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The laziness finally caught up with me.

Jeph told me about this about a month ago, I said "I'll check it out"

And I'm finally checking it out 11:30 Friday before the big day.

Well, anyone who'll let me in their game (pregenerated characters of course) I'll gladly play, or just watch.

As for the gladiator game, I'm definitelly in.

Anyone have open slots they'd let me join in?

Looks like you have one slot open gargoyle, can I join in your game?
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Three words:

That. Was. Awesome!

Henry, TRO, looking forward to sequals. You will be running sequals at the next NC game day, right? /smiles charmingly


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North Carolina Game Day 2003 - pics

I've had a grand day playing with some of my fellow NC gamers. I'll say more about it all later, but because I'm tired after hanging out all day and then making the below web site all evening, I'm going to do this opening post quickly.

We had over 20 gamers show up, with at least 4 games plus gladiatorial matches.

This web site has some of the pictures:

You who were there, feel free to comment on the event and the pictures.

[If you don't want your image on the Web, please just let me know here and I'll remove you or black you out.]

Was fun.

Must. . . go. . . to. . . bed. . .now. . .

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Wow! That went up quick!

Okeydokey, identifying these scoundreslls . . . I didn't catch like anybody's name, but lessee here . . .

Third pic down, Henry's d20M game: Corlon's the kid in blue, Henry's the balding old geezer :)D) in the GM's position, I'm the other kid in blue who is mostly hidden behind Hopping Vampire, Drowdude and wassisname in the forground, with Togamario behind Corlon.

TheRuinedOne's Ravenloft game, TRO GMing, Guy in the orange jacket's me, TheDMsGirl next to TRO, and NCSUCodemonkey in front of DMsGirl

Henry's d20 Modern game was kick. ass. I portrayed a 14 year old superhacker by the name of Jack, Smart 3 / Dedicated 1. Racked up +22 in Computer Use, with about +10 or 11 in Investigate and Research . . . deadly with his google searches. Corlon played everyone's favorite park ranger with a pair of desert eagles that he's not afraid to use. Togamario was our religious bastion . . . well, he's technically a priest, see, but has this thing about pilfering funds from the collection hat . . .Japanese college studen with a katana . . . Investigator with no ranks in Investigate . . . And your friendly neighborhood field medic.

If Henry runs a sequal, we are so getting a blackhawk.

TRO's game was a great intro to the Ravenloft setting. Usually games start in the bar, opening scene, I find myself in the loony bin. Well, we bashed our way out, then once our memories came back, noticed there was actually a reason that we'd been in there. So we bashed our way back in. Sneak attacks made short work of the gaurds, the evil doctor, no problem, same with the golems--it was the stupid dog that almost killed me. :D


An excellent day of gaming! Thanks to whomever provided the bagels! The room was great.

I'm the first on the left in the Rel's game pic.

Both games I played in were fun and we had sore sides from laughing so much. I ended up playing character classes I usually avoided, monk and ranger. Good time with both.

My wife and I are looking forward to the next one; she didn't get to play this time but will rearrange her schedule to be available for the next.

Thanks again to the organizers.



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Jeph said:
Three words:

That. Was. Awesome!

Henry, TRO, looking forward to sequals. You will be running sequals at the next NC game day, right? /smiles charmingly

Ditto to this!

It was great gaming with you guys, look forward to more........



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ooo, the dice game

1. The guy that was sitting right next to me in the D20 modern game, he was good with machine guns...grr what's his name.

2. Henry, with bunches of minitures.

3. Hopping vampire?

4. rel I think

5. My half finished Dice statue.

6. Henry again

7. Remember his face, not his name.

8. Remember his huge stack of books, not who brought em

how many did I get right?


Cool, great pics! I haven't seen Henry's smiling face since, gosh, GenCon 2000?? The room looks really nice, and it looks like everyone was having fun.

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