Not DnD - Shadow of the Weird Wizard with Rob Schwalb

Shadow of the Weird Wizard was voted as one of the most anticipated TTRPGs of 2023 by EN World readers. Join us as we discuss Rob Schwalb's family-friendly incarnation of his Shadow of the Demon Lord ruleset. Announced in 2020, this game went through numerous names, and has been long in the making, and redesigns the Demon Lord system for a new audience. The Weird Wizard is an eccentric character who lives in Clockwork City, and whose magic has transformed the lands.

NOT DND is our weekly streamed show where Jessica Hancock interviews tabletop RPG creators about their games -- focusing on those which are not D&D! You can catch it every week at 10-pm on our Twitch channel, catch up on past episodes on YouTube, or listen to it as a weekly podcast wherever you get your pods! Past episodes include Dune, Star Trek Adventures, WFRP, Blade Runner, and many more.


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Biological Disaster
SotDL has been my core d20 fantasy game for years, and I have been looking forward to SotWW for a while now. Really excited to see it finally approaching completion. Though I quite like the power level of the former, I'm betting the "cleaner" nature and stronger characters of the latter will make it a lot easier to convince new players to give the system a shot.
Schwalb does great work, and this kickstarter (when it finally arrives) is going to get an unreasonable amount of my money.

Really pleased to see more adventure paths planned for SotWW. Indovidual adventures are ok for one shots, bug stringing together 11 for a full campaign can end up being a ton of work.

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