Now that 4e is upon us, what will you do?

What will you do?

  • Stop the current campaign, switch to 4th edition

    Votes: 39 19.4%
  • 4th edition is bringing me back to D&D. We're starting a new 4th edition campaign

    Votes: 36 17.9%
  • Business as usual - no conversions.

    Votes: 103 51.2%
  • We're converting our ongoing campaign to 4th edition

    Votes: 14 7.0%
  • We're converting our ongoing campaign to Pathfinder

    Votes: 18 9.0%
  • Stop the current campaign. Play something other than D&D for a while

    Votes: 8 4.0%
  • Stop the current campaign, switch to Pathfinder

    Votes: 7 3.5%
  • I have no freaking idea.

    Votes: 17 8.5%


I'm currently running the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords adventure path more-or-less as written - i.e., for revised Third Edition D&D. We have a few houserules, including the Pathfinder RPG's grappling rules, but otherwise I ain't changing much.

(As an aside, it's mildly annoying that I can't say "I'm running a Pathfinder game" without clarifying that I'm talking about the adventure path, not the roleplaying game.)

I think my players are all perfectly comfortable with the idea of changing systems to Fourth Edition. We're not far into the storyline, and the PCs are all from classes found in the new Player's Handbook - we have a cleric, a paladin, a rogue, and a wizard.

All five of us play World of Warcraft together, so some elements of similarity with that game aren't a problem. Sarah, who plays the rogue, is already playing her in a striker-like fashion, hurling knives and leaping into combat to flank with the paladin. My wife Lexa, who plays the cleric, seems pretty excited to play a Fourth Edition battle cleric - she's already spent quite a bit of time shoulder-to-shoulder with the paladin.

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I plan to play something else for a while. I'm playing in two games that will keep on going as usual with 3e (not 3.5, 3.0). I'm not running a game right now, but I'm making plans to start a new game using another system (not decided which yet, perhaps C&C, 1e or GURPS).

Keep playing the 3.5 campaign I'm running. Then play Bob's Cthulhu campaign. Then possibly either John's Shackled City in 3.5, Matt's d20 Star Wars game or Franz's Shadowrun game.

By that time, Kevin will probably be itching to run Rise of the Runelords in 3.5 or something.

Absolutely no 4e plans in our group, and we're booked solid for a good three years out (actually probably quite a bit more than that) unless we change our plans.


Princess of Florin

Our current Midnight campaign will be wrapping up by the end of June. Then d20Dwarf will run Keep on the Shadowfell for us, so we can test out the 4e rules. Then I'll be running a short (6to 8 months) campaign, using either E6 or Pathfinder. After that, either d20Dwarf will DM again, system and setting to be determined, or another member of our group will try his hand at it. I highly doubt we'll play any 4e after the test game.


Moderator Emeritus
I will continue my "Second Son of a Second Son" 3.xE (heavily house-ruled) Aquerra campaign (check .sig for story hour and link to the Aquerra wiki), which has been going strong for going on a year and a half and my campaigns usually run 4 to 6 years, so I figure I will be ready to test out 4.5 or 5E (I'm not kidding - I'm calling it) around 2012 or '13.


Business as usual for me. I'll continue to run my homebrew campaign.
I use my own system, so D&D edition changes (or any other published systems) have no major impact on my game.
I've got the core books on pre-order and will take my time to read through them and eventually give 4e a test run, just as I did with 3e. If I like 4e enough, I'll run a campaign or two in addition to what I'm already running, assuming about half the players in my group obtain a copy of the 4th PHB (I'm only sure of one of my players buying anything 4e, who will get at least all 3 core books eventually being the groups only other GM).


Nobody in my group has expressed any interest in 4e.

If I bump into a friend who wants to run it, I'd consider it. But I am in no rush to run it.

The Green Adam

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I'll do what I do best...

Star Trek (Last Unicorn Games ICON System), Star Wars (West End Games D6), Mutants & Masterminds or some bizarre mix-n-match homebrew. Been jonesin' to try a new campaign of Faerie's Tale, my homemade Galaxy Quest RPG, a modified Metamorphosis Alpha idea I have or another new or old RPG I've never gotten the chance to GM.

Basically, pretty much anything but D&D of any kind. I promised myself I'd wait until Edition Pi and I'm sticking to my guns.


Neil Bishop

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I'm sticking with 3.5E but thinking about incorporating a few more house rules to change skills (inspired by SW Saga, Pathfinder and 4E) and boosting the number of feats.

I've read through the 4E books and I don't really like what I see. It might prove to be OK (or even great) in play but it doesn't strike me as good enough to ditch my whole library of 3.xE products or campaign notes.

Mr. Wilson

I have to figure out how much work it will take to convert the current Eberron campaign to 4E before I make a decision. I might finish this one before fully converting to 4E.

Problem I have is 2 people are playing warforged (one will hit juggernaut next level, the other ftr/artifcer 1), another is playing a dwarf monk, and the last is playing a half-orc barbarian.

And yes, that means the four of them are an all melee 3.X group. No, I have no idea how this happened. Yes, it makes planning encounters....interesting.

The Eternal GM

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Having seen 4th Ed. and deciding it is definitely not my kind of game, I'm now happy to be able to turn my attention to Labyrinth Lord without reservation or hesitation.


I am sort of thinking at this point that I might just convert straight from 3.5 to 4.5. Not joking. 3E was an overhaul, 3.5 was a refinement with plenty of published material to draw on. 4E is an overhaul again, a clean slate. I like having a lot of crunch options out of the box, so if I'm going to adapt any established game to a whole new system it's only going to be one that's tested, refined, and well-supported.

I am interested to see how long I can stick to my guns on that one, since I am precisely 4E's target audience (starting this fall I probably won't have much time for prep work and such, I play a lot of WoW, etc).

Edit: I can also see myself back-porting subsystems like skill challenges pretty quickly, if nothing else.
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No idea.

I think I'll probably buy the books, read the books, and then put our Warhammer game on hold for a couple of sessions while I run a 4e adventure to test it out, and then go back to Warhammer.

After Warhammer, my plan is to run SWSE for a while, then another Warhammer campaign, and then I don't know. So, unless 4e really impresses, I don't expect to be back to running it for a year or more.

Alternately, I could just not buy the books, run those other campaigns, and then decide what to do...

Invisible Stalker

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Our group finished up Mutants and Masterminds in March.

Since some had never played 1E, we decided to take a qucik trip back in time to play that.

Up next: 4E!


der_kluge said:
So, I'm running a PbP game and the topic of whether to convert came up. It seems not feasible to convert given that the party includes a bard, barbarian and sorcerer. So, I'm curious what others plan to do.

This is a poll.

My option isn't on there.

Not ending my current campaign, as it ended last month (Kyuss is dun fer).

But I am starting a new homebrew campaign, and canned adventures is a thing of the past. Between AoW and RttToEE, I've had my fill of that. I'm excited that my DMing chores will be lessened in 4e. Making stuff up will be fun again.


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Well ... since I don't see the option present for what I will most likely be doing ...

Time to dust off the Way Back Machine and visit the days of yore ... most likely Wilderlands under either 1E or 2.5E ...

Deuce Traveler

I'll continue to play Basic D&D, C&C, 1st edition D&D, and when I feel like it 3.5, most likely on this site. 4th edition and Pathfinder both seem creative and fun games, but they are too superhero-like for my tastes.

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