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Dinkeldog said:
There are actually prestige classes in OD&D (Druid, for example), and it's very miniatures-based.

You're thinking of BXCMI -- in OD&D Supplements, druid was another base class. It was BXCMI that made Druids branch off Clerics.

The earliest prestige class thing that I know of was Bards from the AD&D 1E PHB.

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Baka no Hentai

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I have to agree with Xorn on the point of finding it next to impossible to run a complex, story-driven campaign with OD&D. Maybe it is just lack of experience on my part, as I never played OD&D much before I got into AD&D... but the framework just doesnt seem cut out for the type of games I run.

It all comes down I guess to what type of game you like to run, for Rel it seems to be straight up fun. For me, its about the story, and the rules are just a medium for the players to interact with the game world that we are creating. If 4E ends up enabling me to tell the story better, then thats what I will use. :)

Oh, and I have to concur with others in saying that this thread delivers!


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Hypersmurf said:
Our policy on cross-board trolling is not negotiable.

Storminator, don't post in this thread again.


Wait?! Whaaa?

That's not trolling. This thread needs politeness and honesty more than any other.


Rex Blunder

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Charwoman Gene said:
I like Gomez Addams

I just John Astin (the actor who played Gomez) in Samuel Beckett's "Krapp's Last Tape" recently in Baltimore.

He was pretty good. I would probably watch it again, once or twice. But somehow it didn't "feel like John Astin" anymore. For one thing, he ate several bananas, which he never did in The Addams Family, as far as I remember. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


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Really Old School D&D Rules-

Character Creation: choose a class- fighting man, magic user, or cleric.


Roll 1d6-
1-5: You were killed in the dungeon. Roll on the Death Table and create a new character.
6: You survived the dungeon and got a big treasure. Go you!

1- killed by an orc
2- fell in a pit
3- poisoned
4- level drained
5- turned to stone
6- dissolved by green slime

Thornir Alekeg

Rex Blunder said:
No, it was a definite real aura. 10' radius.
Was that a shot at the hygiene of old-school gamers? If it was I can tell you that there are plenty of 3.5 players I've encountered in the FLGS that could really use an introduction to the concept of soap.


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Einan said:
Was this attributable to it being the first of its kind most people encountered or is there some sort of unreplicated element to the game?

I'd say unreplicated element. My reasoning for this is as follows: I sorta started gaming with 2nd ed, but never really got to play until 3rd. I played 3rd for a quite a while, and then went back to start looking through 1E, RC, BECMI, and OD&D. I get this frisson from those games that I didn't with 3.x, and I know I'm not alone.

The possibility that it's just the first game one encountered doesn't hold up, because I didn't get to play any substantial amount of the earlier versions until AFTER I was already well-versed in the new ones.

Wisdom Penalty

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Aha! This is what I have been waiting for! It's time for me to be the hero of EN World.

NO ONE gets their account suspended more quickly than me. It's my name, dammit.

In order to take the attention away from the in-fighting amongst the mods, I shall type up a witty, brilliant, and ultimately ban-worthy post.

I only need a couple things:

1) Piratecat. He's the master when it comes to kicking me off for a couple days.

2) Someone to post something completely off-base, preferably with a great dose of negativity and bitterness. Normally I look to ByronD or Hobo for such triggering events. Gentlemen, would you please do me the favor of posting?


p.s. In all serious, as I managed to say when I snagged the #2 post on this thread, I think Rel had a point that's probably common amongst many of us old-time gamers. He's opted to go one route (oD&D) and others are opting to another (4E). Not sure if I see where the evilness is hiding in that post, and I'm all about trying to find evil.


Well, that was fun
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Blackrat said:
So if Rel quit can I have his place? I can use the Green Letters, see. :p

He didn't quit. He was politely asked to leave.

And, frankly, I've had just about enough of this. I'm tempted to just sign on the dotted line at which point it won't be my problem any more.

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