OD&D 4 me (April Fools)

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Irda Ranger

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howandwhy99 said:
I suppose we can abide one lone nut naysayer. Welcome to your new role as court jester.

Oh! Zing!

Though I sincerely hope that's the last time in my life I am ever compared with Tom Cruise. It's bad enough having gone to same high school as him (true fact).

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the Jester

Wow, I read about 75% of this thread (the beginning, most of the middle and the end) and I'm sorry that things got all out of hand. I hope that everyone can just be friends when all is said and done. I hope you guys in the former/current admin/mod zone aren't still hating on each other and stuff.

But I have a question for the new management: will you allow us to post our own adventures for various versions of the ruleset (either od&d, BECMI or 1e, or I suppose later versions too)? I really doubt whether WotC would care about that kind of thing, you could prolly get away with it. You might even be able to sell the good ones in teh WNEorld store!

Whisperfoot said:
Oh, you poor, poor people. You think this was all a joke? Oh no, Morrus signed on the dotted line and now this place is mine. All :) :) :) :) ing mine! That's right, all the stupid pendantic :) :) :) :) ing will soon be at an end because I'm breaking out the banhammer and smashing some of you poor sods to make examples out of you.

Oh, and don't go thinking of running off now. Where are you planning on going? :) :) :) :) ing RPG.net? Make me laugh! So everyone get ready for the new ENWorld, or as I like to call it :) :) :) :) YOU WORLD!

Piratecat, please check your PMs. I will need a henchman or two, and if you can't do it and maintain your dignity as PKitty, maybe we could break Apocalyptic Kitty out of retirement? Seriously. think about it.

So are you going to unban yourself on Circus Maximus? :D


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Cthulhu's Librarian said:
Go ahead. If this is what ENW is offering up for discussion anymore, I could care less if those :):):):)ers ban me. If they can pull their heads out of their :):):)es long enough to hit the right buttons to do it. The mods here are jokes. I'm going back to a real message board.
Hi, Rich,

How are you doing today? Haven't seen you around in a long while, but I wanted to say "howdy, darned good to see ya!". I know, it's very unlikely that you'll see this, but unless I find your email address lying around, I'd never get a chance again.

Hey, didn't you keep at alsih2o's PbP for a while after I was "laid off" from his forum? I wonder how it all turned out.

Oh well, see ya around.


Whisperfoot said:
Oh, you poor, poor people.
Hi Darrin,

Darned good to see you stepping up to the plate, and returning ENWorld to it's roots. Well, D&D's roots. But at least the board is in good 'Merican hands now. Well, except that you're in Washington, which pretty much means you're really a Commie or a Canadian in disguise. Oh well. Pickers can't be choosy.

Guess this means the smilie page is going to expand some, right? Kewl. I like smilies.

Oh well, gotta run. Good to see you taking such an active hand in things, unlike the prior owner, who just sat on the hoard of GP ENWorld shipped daily to Britland.

See ya,



Michael Morris said:
Those are treasonous words citizen. Why if I were a mod and not just a mere tech admin I'd ban you.
Hey Michael, PM me. I have some tech concerns for you regarding my account.


Victoria Rules
blargney the second said:
My hat of OD&D know no limit.
Blarg, you're in Victoria, and I'm in Victoria, and them's fightin' words!

Besides, Victoria Rules rule right! :)



Liquid Awesome
I've read back over this thread and you folks have given me a lot to think about regarding some of the potential problems of OD&D.

I think I'll use Savage Worlds for my next campaign instead.

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