OGL-Gate & Mainstream Media: The Guardian Weighs In

With The Guardian picking up the story this morning, here's a list of media outlets covering the Open Gaming Licence controversy. The initial story came from Gizmodo/iO9, which recieved a leaked copy of the OGL v1.1., and YouTube channel RollForCombat. The Guardian: ‘People are leaving the game’: Dungeons & Dragons fans revolt against new restrictions Vice: Dungeons and Dragons Is...


That's a weird, badly-researched, and unhelpful article that addresses almost none of the genuine issues. And talking up defunct piracy sites as a demonstration of how innovative D&D fans are to pursue their hobby is ... certainly an interesting journalistic line to take.
The point imho is not the journalistic quality, but that the debacle is flagged and commented in mainstream media.


How inconvenient


I believe that it is more important to see what kind of follow up the mainstream media does. An one off story will not really move the needle in the end. Looking to see journalists press Hasbro on why they thought this was good idea and how did they not realize that would harm their brand/bottomline.

There is a story here of basic mismanagement, which cost a number of suits, their jobs at Hasbro/WotC.


Where have you been the last 5+ years! D&D has pretty regularly been in the mainstream meeting since shortly after 5e took off.
I don't know about 'shortly'. 5e was released in mid 2014, and I remember it being very quiet. There wasn't a great deal of content published (it didn't release with the OGL, which came later in 2016 with the DMsGuild launch), as it was more of a "back to basics" vibe.

Anyways, I agree that is a strange approach to researching the article for it the Guardian chose. I have noticed, though, that the more mainstream publications are leaning nicer to Hasbro/WotC's position compared to industry-related publications.

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