OGL-Gate & Mainstream Media: The Guardian Weighs In

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The news has been picked up by a business newsmagazine in Italy:
Wow this is getting huge


That's a weird, badly-researched, and unhelpful article that addresses almost none of the genuine issues. And talking up defunct piracy sites as a demonstration of how innovative D&D fans are to pursue their hobby is ... certainly an interesting journalistic line to take.
The Guardian article is pretty misleading, yes. Almost as misleading as saying for twenty years that your license was irrevocable and then trying to revoke it... or putting out a license that lets you take away a licensee's work at will and calling it "open." My heart bleeds for Wizards.

The Forbes and Ars Technica articles, however, are quite good. They gloss over the thorny legal details, but both get to the heart of the problem (the attempt to de-authorize the original OGL) and portray it fairly accurately.


Looks like Hasbro stock is not doing so well today....

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(Ignore all the portuguese, I'm to lazy to open google in english)
Hasbro stock was at 63.59 when the OGL news broke on iO9. Then it rose the next two days, dropped close to where it was on the 10th and has been mostly rising since.
Hasbro stock has never been particularly tied to D&D.

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