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On This May The 4th, Let's Celebrate Star Wars TTRPGs. +


What is your favorite Star Wars TTRPG memory or experience? What games do you prefer to use for Star Wars as a TTRPG? Is there an official SW RPG you prefer? What about unofficial.

+ because we're celebrating!

By far the most success I have ever had with Star Wars as a TTRPG -- and I have played various versions lots of the years (I actually think it is a better gaming setting than other media setting) -- is my Rebel Scum: Bail organa's Department of Ungentlemanly Warfare series of convention campaigns. I used both West End SWd6 and SWADE, but the setup was the same and they were directly related: the characters were the Dirty Dozen in the Star Wars universe rebellion era (prior to A New Hope, obviously), sent by Organa to do the hard things. It was great. Everyone at the table always got it immediately and it had that episodic, high octane feel I think makes Star Wars work.

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I’ve players the 3 versions of Star Wars games WotC came out with and FFG’s Star Wars, and I’ve had fun with all of them. One thing I thought particularly cool about the earlier d20 versions was calling on the light side added 1d6 to the check, while calling on the dark side added 2d6 (for low level characters). It was the edition that really tempted players to risk themselves to the dark side to accomplish their goals. We were all playing Jedi padawan and flirting dangerously with dark side points.


I was just watching a compilation of the Old Republic MMORPG cinematics and am reminded just how awesome Star Wars FEELS. Games and shows of various kinds and in various formats don't always land, but the IDEA of Star Wars is always great. And that's why it is such a great TTRPG setting: with TTRPGs we make things as awesome as they mean to be. Star Wars (which often falls short of its promises in other media) especially.


WEG D6 Star Wars is the current campaign that I'm running. I'm having a lot of fun running it, and at over 50 sessions it's rapidly becoming the second longest game I've ever run.

The setting is 15 BY in the early days of the Empire before it's completely obvious how bad the Empire is going to be and before there is an organized alliance against the empire. The PC's are Imperial Peacekeepers ("bounty hunters") working as vassals of House Benelux primarily in the Aparo sector. Aside from Star Wars sources like Andor and "The Han Solo Adventures", my inspirations are Miami Vice and similar 80's police shows, Batman the Animated Series for its street level super villains, the Traveller RPG for its gritty space feel, and Have Gun will Travel and other black and white old west shows.

It's a very different sort of game than the "You are rebel operatives" game that I think Andor the TV show has dabbled in well, but really satisfying. The PC's are cutthroats that are playing all sides, but we're sort of gradually moving toward a point where it would make sense for them to legitimately hate the Empire and do what I hope comes off as a sort of Han Solo like heel face turn.


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I've played every edition of Star Wars RPG back to the beginning. I've had fun with all of them, but the one I think I liked the most was the Saga Edition. As I reflect on that, I'm kind of surprised to say that but I think it did a really solid job with the game world.

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