[OOC Discussion] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge??)

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Nemesis Destiny

I am playing a Half-Elf Skald bard that I'm trying to drift striker with chargespam.
Son of Meepo is playing a Half Elf Diviner.
Neil1889 is playing a Tiefling Shielding Swordmage.
Mewness is running a Battlemind that I think he was going to convert to a Battlemind|Monk in an effort to get some more striker in the mix.

Masaryk_the_Mad was considering joining with a striker of some kind (probably Ranger or Rogue) but she would only be able to post intermittently, likely.


First Post
This was what I had posted:

Yes, I had read that post but thought that it was said in conversation or a question rather than a wish actually made. A wish that is purely for RP reasons is absolutely fine (better even).

If that is what Wat wishes to wish then wish away and we'll move things along.

Thanks for responding WECOntact. As L4W is basically dead apart from us now I have no issue with you bringing along Haaku (who is lvl 5 by the looks) or Ignatz... The Jade Ring is dead and done I'd say. That would put Ignatz at lvl 9 easy which is on par with everyone else. But if you prefer Haaku for whateer reason then you could level him up.


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Ignatz is L8, and I think after the xp posted on Jade Ring Haaku is L7 or 8. I'd have to level up either of them. Haaku's just a better striker is all- a little less fun to roleplay, but also a little less work. :)
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