[OOC Discussion] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge??)


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Do we still get a free expertise at 5th level? I think I read that was part of the campaign houserules. It's been a while.

I still have no idea what to wish for. The thing I was hinting at was already covered by Rain.

Pretty sure we do get such a feat! The one I went for makes Rain much more likely to miss her companions should she ever be dominated again as well.

Yeah, I took the idea and went with it. You're hint sort of clarified my position and it is the sort of thing Rain would ask for.

Healer's Brooch is quite nice. Rain acquired Boots of the Fencing Master for herself, but Boots of Eagerness are good if you can budget for them.

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[MENTION=98255]Nemesis Destiny[/MENTION] Yes, you get a free expertise feat at 5th level. Yes, taking one of those backgrounds would be fine.
[MENTION=14889]Mewness[/MENTION] Yes you could take your kenku character

Not to keen to mess with damage output to make up for a lack of a 5th player. Would rather summon someone like [MENTION=69684]WEContact[/MENTION] and ask if they would be interested in continuing with us. ND, your wife could play as a 6th player and fase in and out as she has time/inclination to join in.

I'll be honest I am still debating whether or not I have the energy for another adventure as DM. I get the impression that [MENTION=78756]Son of Meepo[/MENTION] may also be less motivated to play anymore if posting is any indication, I could be wrong. I do have an adventure in mind ... but I do know I have a busy and stressful 6 months ahead of me so I am not 100% certain that I would be able to do a decent job of it. I haven't thrown in the towel just yet, but I wanted to make it know that it is not a ceratin thing either just yet.

Also, I do not intend to make any further reply to the adventure thread until everyone has made their wish. SO if you are waiting for me ... I am waiting for you :)

Son of Meepo

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This was what I had posted:

Wat ponders the generous offer of the archfey. "I feel that I have found what I have been questing for," the invoker's gaze falls on Sabynha. "Perhaps I need help that I should never lose her. I have been cursed with a divine rage. Can the fey quiet the tempest within?"

OOC: Wat is leveled up. I left some of my gold unspent in case there is something I haven't thought of. Mostly Wat will use his wish for role-playing purposes, but perhaps the Calm the Storm fey magic gift would be something flavorful to attach to it.

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