Operatives, Envoys, and Navasi: A Slew of STARFINDER Previews

Paizo has been gearing up the Starfinder preview machine in advance of August's release, with a look at two of the core classes (the charming Envoy and the shadowy Operative) as well as one of the Iconic PCs, Navasi, a young envoy. They describe each class in broad terms and show off one ability - the Envoy's Clever Feint, and the Operative's Cloaking Field.

Operative and Envoy

The Operative -- "You're a shadow. You move swiftly, strike suddenly, and always have an escape plan. You're a consummate professional, and always get the job done, whether it's scouting enemy lines, hunting down criminals, stealing and smuggling items, or assassinating key figures. As an operative, you're skilled in a wide variety of disciplines and specialties, and use speed, mobility, and your quick wits rather than relying on heavy weapons. You excel at the art of surprise, whether it's sniping targets from cover or striking while their backs are turned. Your cause may be righteous, but you have no problem fighting dirty—achieving your objective is all that matters."

The Envoy -- "You make your way in the universe with a charming smile, quick wit, and keen sense of self-preservation, and excel at getting others to do what you want. You might be a trickster, hustler, or con artist, or you might serve as an actor, ambassador, or businessperson, paving the way for negotiation through kind words or the occasional dirty trick. You are often the group's strategist, using your quick wit and tactical acumen to push your friends to greater heights. You may also be skilled in diplomacy, serving as the face for a starship crew, talking your way into restricted systems or gaining audiences with local politicians or warlords."


Check out our exclusive preview of the planet Castrovel, the cover of Incident at Absalom Station, some official Starfinder miniatures, the Core Rulebook cover, and more right here at EN World.
Russ Morrissey


These sound kinda Firefly-ish. Which isn't a bad thing; I think Firefly had a great set-up for an RPG PC crew and I am glad to see influences from it continue to make their way into gaming.


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