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[OT - Rant] Why is it so bad?


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It's something people always complain about. But why?

No one is forcing you to write a response (I assume). And those who do are either joking (Fun is ok), Letting out steam (So what if it make them feel better) or are being serious (It doesn't really matter if they respond to a troll. Their concern/thoughts may be real).

So what if somebody starts a discussion. You are free to ignore it but apparently somebody must find it interesting enough (Or funny) to participate in. And if it gets out of hand well.... That's what moderators are for (I believe :)).

If this is not for fun then what?

..... If the troll really have succeeded in finding a topic people are willing to discuss then I don't see any reason to stop it.


OK. D&D Trolls and extensive trolling of the same fishing area are both bad things but they are NOT what I'm talking about here. But please. Do feel free to get the jokes out of your system :rolleyes: :)
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Well, that was fun
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The problem is that a troll is not supposed to be perceived as such. And many are inflammatory or offensive comments which are hurtful to to others, especially those who don't know that the troll is just trying to get a reaction from them.

Some, of course, are just funny. I have no problem at all with an innocent, funny troll; it's the ones that that are rude, hurtful or offensive to some people that are the problem.

Plus, of course, encouraging them means that eventually this devolves from a D&D forum to a random flame-fest. And I have a versted interest in seeing that this remains a D&D forum.


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.... ok. (Ups. Quick attention from an administrator can't be good. Must make good intentions clear)

Uhm.. I... I didn't mean to recommend that people ignored the commen rules of this board. Oh no... I would never do that. Uhm.. No.


Just had to let out steam. Lately I have seen many discussions being accused of trolling as if it in itself only was a bad thing.

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